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The Londoner column


Air Vice Marshal Bennett adopted as Liberal candidate at Middlesborough by-election. Sub-headlines include: rescued Sikorski, merged air force . Other headlines: eye-man in Burma, houses for bunkers, opposition. Photograph: full face portrait of Air Marshall Bennett wearing tunic and peaked cap.



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Evening Standard

28th March 1945


AIR VICE MARSHAL C. T. BENNETT has been adopted as Liberal candidate at the Middlesbrough by-election caused by the death of Mr. Harcourt Johnstone. He is the highest serving officer to contest an election in this war. Because of the electoral truce, it is likely that Bennett will be unopposed.

At 34, Bennett is one of the youngest air vice-marshals in the R.A.F. He is an Australian, married to a Swiss, and has two children.

Rescued Sikorsky

One of his outstanding wartime exploits was two days after the fall of France when he picked up the Polish Prime Minister, General Sikorski, and took him to Bordeaux in an unarmed flying boat.

In 1942 he was awarded the D.S.O. after he had been shot down during a raid on Trondhjem; he led his crew into Sweden after baling out over Norway.

His book, Complete Air Navigator, was published in 1935 and is now an Air Ministry handbook. This week he publishes a second book, Freedom From War, in which he outlines his plan for a Supreme World Congress and an International Law Force to prevent another war.

Merged Air Force

This book is certain to arouse much discussion. Bennett calls for all nations to be included automatically and non-optionally upon the cessation of hostilities in this Supreme Congress; he wants the Congress to be provided with “an adequate instrument of justice” to apply its laws.

He thinks, too, that the armed forces of the United Nations must be merged into one within three months of the end of the war.

[Photograph of Air Vice Marshal Bennett in uniform] Air Vice Marshal D.C.T. BENNETT Pathfinder to Westminster.


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