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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1945-03-12"

Navigational computation and chart for an operation to Dortmund.

Addressed to 36 Bomb Squadron United States Army Air Force officer thanking him for his work while with 192 Squadron at RAF Foulsham.

A handwritten note giving brief details of the operation and a relevant newspaper cutting titled 'Dortmund shattered in 29 minutes'.

Letter to R North from RAF Graveley covering enclosure of certificate for permanent award of Path Finder Force badge. Note of regret that there is no new of his son's crew.

Indicates two bomb loads for squadron. Includes preselection settings and on the reverse brief target marking note, bombing height and heading and camera settings.

Target photograph showing the Canal running from middle left to bottom right. A road runs from two thirds way up left side and crosses the canal in the bottom right quarter before running to bottom edge. There are minor roads and open country and…
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