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[1]DAVID AND THE RAF2 (2).pdf
Account of Wing Commander David Donaldson's RAF career from his early interest in flying and joining the Royal Air Force volunteer reserve in 1934, call up in 1939 and operational tours on 149 Squadron, 57 Squadron, flight commander 156 Squadron…

Target photograph of Shiping off Moss. Coastal area, bay or estuary, small area showing quays and docks, larger area showing coast line, but mainly water. Bomb explosions in water. Captioned '8°F', '7B', '4064 SKELL.28/29.12.44//NT(C)8" 8000' 340°…

Lists four crews and reserve for operations on night 28/29 December 1944. Included duty personnel. Annotated 'Horten, (Koln)'.

Shows one bomb load for operation. Includes preselection and distributor settings, heights, false target settings and other details. On the reverse bombing instruction including not to bomb unless permission given by controller.

Shows three bomb loads, the first two are 1500 and 1850 parachute mines but these are crossed through. The third load is 11 x 1000 pound and 4 x500 poned medium capacity with 50% instantaneous and 50% TD 025. Includes preselection and distributor…

Two men of the Unione Nazionale Protezione Antiaerea are in the foreground running. One of them is pointing to the sky with his left arm, whilst the other soldier is holding on to his helmet with his right hand. The buildings around are engulfed in…

The wooden bridge takes direct hits causing fires to start along the structure. Four further bombs are dropping through the smoke and an attacking aircraft is visible in the foreground to the left. On the horizon, a further twelve aircraft can be…


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