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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-10-19"

Handwritten notes giving brief details of the operations and two short newspaper cuttings, one titled '1000-raid. On Stuttgart and Nuremberg'.


Target photograph of Nuremberg. Obscured by haze and light streaks. Captioned '3°F', '8B', '3328 SKELL.19/20.10.44//NT(C-8" 16000' [arrow] 014° 2103 NUREMBERG RD.M.1X4000.14XCP.14.27secs. F/O.MOURITZ.M.61.'. On the reverse F/O MOURITZ. NURNBERG.…

Shows three bomb loads for six, thirteen and three aircraft respectively. Details preselection and false height settings as well as Window, timings and weights. On the reverse; bombing instructions, flares and marking with timings. Note 1000 a/c…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 18/19 October 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined. Included three standby crews, duty personnel and briefing times.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 19/20 October 1944. One member of each crew is underlined in blue and two crews are circled in blue with '18 1/2' annotated alongside left crew in top row. Includes timings and duty personnel. On the reverse…
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