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Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a target photograph of Emmerich. The river is visible but no ground detail.
Photo 2 and 3 are Terry and Eddy at the controls on the way home from the Emmerich raid.
Photo 4 is six airmen and a WAAF…

Two target photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Westkapelle dyke which was bombed to flood Walchern Island, which was below sea level.
Photo 2 is a night attack on Dortmund, most of the image obscured by anti-aircraft fire and target indicators.

A vertical aerial photograph of Emmerich during a raid.The ground detail is obscured by explosions but the Rhine is visible at the top of the image. Annotated '1883 MEP 7.10.44// 8 12,000 [arrow] 110[degrees] 1433 EMMERICH. N. 1 x 4000. 15x4.C 29…

A vertical aerial photograph of Dortmund during an operation at night. No detail on the ground is visible and half the image is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. Annotated '1863 MEP 6/7.10.44// NT. 8” 21,000 [arrow] 310[degrees] 2030 DORTMUND. N. 1…

Handwritten notes giving brief details of the operations and two relevant short newspaper cuttings, one titled 'Eight breaches both sides of flushing'.


Target photograph of Bremen. Almost completely obscured by light streaks, no detail visible. Captioned '3°F', '6B', '3109 SKELL.6/7.10.44//NT.8" 16500' [arrow] 216° 2034 BREMEN RD.D. 27 X 4. 27secs. F/O. GREEN. D.61.'. On the reverse 'F/O. GREEN.…

Target photograph of Flushing. Crossing coastline, bomb explosions, airborne debris clearly visible. Captioned '8° F', '5B]', '3188 SKELL.7.10.44.// 8" 5500' [arrow] 055° 1358 FLUSHING RD.T.14X1000.C 21 secs.S/L McFADDEN.T.61'. On the reverse 'S/L…

Target photograph of Flushing. Crossing coast line, craters, lakes, disturbed water, roads and field boundaries clearly visible. Captioned '11B2ND', '3190. SKELL. 7.10.44.// 8" 5500' [arrow] 055° 1358. FLUSHING RD.T.14X1000.C 21 secs.S/L…

Target photograph of Bremen. No details clearly visible, a small number of light streaks and many pin points of light visible. Captioned '3° F', '6B', '3123 SKELL.6/7.10.44//NT.8" 16250' [arrow] 202° 2033. BREMEN RD.A.27X4.27secs.F/O BOON.A.61.'.…

Annotated 'Bombing Leader' at the top. Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 6/7 October 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Number are annotated by each crew. Included standby crew and duty personnel.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 8 October 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined. Some crews have a number annotated. Includes reserve crew with aircraft "P" allocated and duty personnel

Shows a single bomb load for operation. Details preselection and false target settings as well as weights and timings. On the reverse a sketch map showing aiming point, notes on target indicator and visual bombing.

Target photograph of Bremen. Obscured by numerous light streaks. Captioned '3°F', '7B', 3095 SKELL.6/7.10.44//NT.8" 16250' [arrow] 195° 2030 BREMEN RD.F. 21 X 4. 21secs. F/O. NISBET. F.50.'. On the reverse ' [underlined] F/O NISBET 6/7.10.44.…

Gerda Gentner (b. 1934) recalls the first bombing of Dresden on 7 October 1944. Gerda describes how she unsuccessfully tried to persuade a young boy to take shelter with her in the basement and reminisces her feeling when she knew that he had died…
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