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A group of nine of Audrey and family. They are sitting in front of a nissen hut.


A group of four sitting on snow with a couple of dogs. One man has a cross over his head.

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Two photographs of Teddy as a young boy using a radio with a headset.

After leaving school, Carla Fantini started working as telegraph operator, which she found a gratifying and thoroughly enjoyable occupation. She describes the bombing war in Milan, stressing widespread destruction and ravaging fires. Reminisces…

Actors Michael Redgrave and Richard Todd playing Barnes Wallis and Guy Gibson having a discussion over a meal in the Mess. From the filming of The Dam Busters film.
It is captioned 'E54.1.PROD.117'.

Three men involved in the filming of The Dam Busters.
It is annotated 'E54.1.PUB.54'.

Three men in front of a wall of storyboard drawings for the filming of The Dam Busters film. One man has a model of a Lancaster in his hand.
It is annotated 'E541.PUB.47'.

Three men in the cockpit of an aircraft. Two airmen and a civilian camera man.
It is annotated ' "Blimey what a draft!"
"Wish I were in a Lancaster" Ken. Best wishes and thanks a lot Ken, Sincerely Bob.'

A group of airmen and civilians arranged in front and on the wing of a Lancaster. This is in the style of a squadron photograph and was taken during the filming of The Dam Busters film.

An oblique aerial view of the Ladybower reservoir, looking to the east.

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Note on the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, remembering Reg Muir.

MMuirRWL1388470-211008-12 copy.jpg
Note from Reg expressing his feelings.

Two poems about loss, love and hopefulness.

The Secretary of State for Air speaking to aircrew. Circled are Don Evans and Andy Anderson.

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This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Two documents.
#1 is Don's Grade Card stating he is Grade One.
#2 is Don's postponement of calling up for the RAFVR.

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A card requiring Don to attend a medical.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Written from the Sergeant's mess describing a dance at the station he had attended, family news and receiving a letter from Rose breaking off their relationship. Annotated 'Reg's last letter, received the same day as the news'.

A letter written on Canadian Legion War Forces headed paper to his mother describing visits to the cinema and pub and, on one occasion missing the last bus and having to walk back. Annotated 'Reg's last letter to me 1943'.

From Reg to his mum describing climbing hills close to where Hitler was in residence, a boat trip on the Rhine, visit to a farm, sightseeing, being homesick and not enjoying the food.

Letter from Reg to his mother describing his journey by boat and train to stay with his exchange partner, Schaeffer, in Cologne.

EInglisGMuirPE430713 copy.jpg
Expressing sympathy for her missing son and offering financial assistance if required.

Requesting that she confirms that no news of Reg has been received before he is confirmed as having died.

Following the report that Reg is missing, advising that of the seven casualties of the crash, three have been identified as Sergeant Hannel, Sergeant Johnson and Sergeant Barrett, three are unidentified and one is unaccounted for.
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