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Diary from joining the RAF in may 1941, through training as groundcrew and then volunteered for aircrew and eventually trained as air gunner and posting to 514 Squadron. Describes operations while on the squadron and notes details and losses.…

French language propaganda leaflet about the start of great night bombing offensive against Germany.


Eleven people with bride in wedding dress and groom (wearing uniform tunic with bomb aimer's brevet) sitting in deck chairs top left. Another man wearing suit sits to the right. Two man and two women are grouped on the right and three young girls sit…

Full length image of bride (wearing wedding dress and carrying bouquet) and groom wearing uniform tunic with sergeant rank and bomb aimer's brevet. Both are in centre of a group of six other adults, two ladies sitting and one young girl. One male and…

In the centre and airman standing wearing uniform tunic with sergeant rank and half brevet (bomb aimer) cutting a cake on a table. To the left a bride in white dress standing looks on. Three other people left and right sitting. Submitted with caption…

Full length image of JL Dunbar and “Betty” Dodridge. An airman wearing uniform tunic standing with his arm round a woman to the left wearing light checked skirt and jacket. In the background a lattice fence and part of a house. Submitted with…

On the left a woman sitting on a bench offering a bone to a dog sitting on the bench between the woman and a young girl on the right looking on. In the background a fence. Submitted with caption; 'Wyn & Joan Colson (Billy’s Sister) 1951'.


Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing civilian jacket and tie. Submitted with caption 'Don Cameron made to look German in case shot down in enemy territory'.

Full face portrait of a man wearing civilian jacket and tie. Submitted with caption 'Don Cameron made to look German in case shot down in enemy territory'.

Full length images of a woman on the left wearing fur coat and carrying handbag and a man on the right wearing suit with buttonhole and tie. They are standing on steps with door in the background. Submitted with caption 'Mary and Don Cameron wedding…

Head and shoulders portraits of a Royal Air Force officer on the right wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and his wife on the left. Submitted with caption 'Mary and Don Cameron 1943'.

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Breakfast menu for dining car service for Royal Air Force. Caption supplied 'Louisville & Nashville R.R. menu'.

Informs her that first tour was complete.

Writes of travelling to Scotland before start of the war and then joining the RAF Volunteer Reserve. Continues with account of training in England before going to Lakeland Florida for primary flying training, Cochran field for basic and advanced…

Three men, two in civilian coats and hats and the third wearing Royal Canadian Air Force greatcoat and side cap, along with four women all wearing furs stand in a row. In front two children. In the background part of a house. Captioned 'has all the…

On the left a lady with dark coat standing next to a sergeant wearing Royal Canadian Air Force greatcoat and side cap. In the background a house with windows and a wooden balcony. Captioned 'Allan and his Mother Clara Emily Boothe Bye......your…

On the left a man wearing dark civilian overcoat and hat. On the right a sergeant wearing an Royal Canadian Air Force greatcoat and side cap. In the background a house with windows and wooden balcony. Captioned 'Allan and his father George Bye'.…

full length wedding photograph of D Swains and his wife

An album to contain a series of cigarette cards of national importance. Shows pictures of some of the things that the government and local authorities are working out for the protection of the general public. Includes: window protection, splinter…

Covers first aid, care of stirrup pump, war gases, organisation, duties, equipment, team drills and actions and types of bombs including incendiaries. Concludes with miscellaneous notes.

Entitled 'Coventry'. Describes German air force attack on the city on 14 November 1940 giving detail of civilian damage and casualties. Compares it with bombing of Genoa and Turin which it claims as military. Includes photographs of damage to…

Titled 'Le Bombe e la Verita' and providing reasons for allied bombing.

A man wearing civilian clothes and glasses sitting in the left hand seat of a Lancaster cockpit and looking back towards camera.

Identification kindly provided by Andy Shaw.


Three-quarter length portrait of a woman wearing a dress sitting and smiling. Captioned 'Joyce Mills'.
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