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Membership card for Caterpillar club made out to Sergeant H E Wakefield

Gold caterpillar pin in box with 'Presented by Irving air chute of Gt Britain Ltd'.

Explains how work of association is carried out and describes facilities for families and disabled, clothing, employment bureau, housing, representatives, Scottish branches and subscriptions.

Made out for Pilot Officer Wakefield. Front and rear cover (both sides) with instructions.

Made out for Flight Lieutenant Wakefield. Two pages of services clothing certificates inside.

For Pilot Officer Wakefield, with handwritten note '2 towels issued 41 base 25/7/44 [signature]'.

Request that Harold Wakefield report to the Leicester recruiting centre on 9 January 1942. Gives instructions on what to bring and advises that he might not be required for immediate service.

Form with list and numbers of items in (Brighton Laundries (B'Ham) laundry made out for Kriescher D M.

For Lancaster aircraft Avro type 683 Mk 1 and 3. Purple cover with inside front pages and contents page.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Writes about operations to Hanover and Mannheim. Describes fires after attacks, poor German defences and German fighter attacks. Offers some sympathy to Germans on the ground and describes a fighter attacking them. Describes their first trip to…

Writes that he is fit and well after having done six operations and describes some of them. Mentions their usual bomb load. Relates that a fighter had attacked a Halifax just behind them. Mentions eating eggs and bacon before and after operations.…

Writes about the issue of the 1939-45 star which he and his crew had received. Relates that he had to bale out after his aircraft had been in collision with a Halifax. mentions damage received and describes crew abandoning the aircraft. Goes on to…

Says he is back and would be flying that night. Mentions visit to Bournemouth and seeing film. Writes about colleague waiting for demob. mentions his new second pilot from New Zealand.

Congratulates him receiving a well deserved award. Writes of passing on the news and talking to his parents.

Sends congratulations on Harold Wakefield's award of Distinguished Flying Cross which author had seen in the papers. Catches up with and other family news.

Sends congratulations and catches up on gossip.

Discusses life on the home front, the bombing of Hull, and her training and service in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force at RAF Driffield.

Informs him that confirmation had been received through the Red Cross that his son was killed in action on 28 January 1942. He was buried in military cemetery in Düsseldorf.

A half length portrait of Jack in civilian clothes.

A head and shoulders of Jack in Police uniform. On the front is handwritten 'To Dave from Jack'.
There is a second almost identical photograph.

A side, head view of Jack in civilian clothes.

Two policemen at an open half door. On the reverse '[indecipherable] & Paddy'.

Jack Jones and Paddy, his friend who was killed during flight training in Canada.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

A couple standing beside a deckchair in a garden. On the reverse 'Grandad & Granny Jones'.

A half length portrait of an unknown man in civilian clothes

A card addressed to Jack with a half length portrait of Marjorie Jones, Jack’s sister, in nurse's uniform.

It is annotated 'To Jack from Marj 1943'.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.
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