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A handwritten note giving brief details of the operation and two relevant newspaper cuttings titled 'R.A.F Attack Lutzow in Harbour' and 'R.A.F. raiders'.


Handwritten notes giving brief details of the operations and a newspaper cutting relevant to the Munich operation titled 'RAF out in force, says Berlin'.


Target photograph of Gdynia. Partially obscured by light streaks, visible area is urban but no clear detail visible. Captioned '9', '3989 SKELL. 18/19.12.44.//NT(C)8" [height, heading & time censored] GDYNIA(B) 10 ANM 59 DT. [exposure censored] F/L…

Target photograph of Munich. Obscured by haze, light streaks and balls of light. Captioned '7B', '1952 SKELL.17/18.12.44//NT/(C).8".13100' 043° 2205 MUNICH.T. 1HC4000IN.15X4. 23SEC.S/L.FADDEN.T.61.'. On the reverse ' S/L. FADDEN. MUNICH…

Lists crews and aircraft for operation on night 18/19 December 1944. Annotated 'Gdynia'. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Includes standby and reserve crews as well as duty personnel.

Shows a single bomb load for operation to Gdynia with a further three aircraft carrying mines for gardening DUP. Includes preselection, distributor and false height setting, window and other details. On the reverse marking and bombing notes on two…

Target photograph of Gdynia. Partially obscured by smoke, dust and light streaks. no detail visible. Aircraft silhouetted in centre. Captioned '5°F', '7B', '3971 SKELL.18/19.12.44//NT.8" 13500' 275° 2202 GDYNIA(B) F. 10 ANM 59DT. 23secs. F/O…
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