Davies, Leslie and Jack


Davies, Leslie and Jack
Leslie Alfred Davies
L A Davies
John Richard Davies
J R Davies


49 items. Collection concerns Leslie Alfred Davies (1922-1996, 1581024 Royal Air Force) and his brother John Richard Davies ( - 1944, 1580941). Leslie served as a Lancaster navigator on of 50 Squadron completing his tour of 30 operations in March 1945. John served a Lancaster bomb aimer on 166 Squadron He was killed in action 3 August 1944. Collection consists of Leslie's crew's individual logbooks and biographies, operational histories, photographs of people, aircraft and a grave, documents and correspondence.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Murray Davies and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

Additional information on John Richard Davies is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Davies, LA-JR

Collection Items

Mystery object from a Lancaster
A metal object inscribed “Ra N° 145103” alongside a pencil for scale, submitted with caption 'Mystery object from a Lancaster'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

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Seven aircrew sitting on a bomb trolley
Seven aircrew all wearing Mae Wests sitting on a bomb trolley with part of an aircraft in the background.

Service life
Top left - eight airmen in desert uniform two squatting the others standing. Captioned 'The Gang Road Rechipis[?]. No 337 MU'. Top right - two men on veranda captioned 'Charlie having wash'. Bottom - two men standing, one wearing shorts and the other…

Thirty airmen in front of a wooden hut
Thirty airmen sitting and standing in three rows, all but one wearing battledress and side caps, man on left wears uniform tunic. In the background wooden huts. In front a sign with 'Equip 99B'.

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A man and a dog
On the left a close up of a dog sitting in a wicker chair. On the right a full length image of a man wearing swimming trunks sitting on a wicker chair with another chair to the right.
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Large group of airman and civilian workers
Approximately thirty RAF airmen in desert uniform wearing garlands sitting and standing. Behind them approximately seventy Indian men in civilian clothing Two Indian boys holding dogs sitting in front.

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RAF enamelled metal pin badge
Badge previously belonged to LA Davies, submitted with title; 'dad 4 (2). Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

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Three photographs
Top left: head and shoulders portrait of an RAF airman and handwritten below is ‘Always Yours Norma I.O.M.’
Top right: Head and shoulders portrait of an airman in desert uniform with sergeants stripes visible on right arm.
Bottom: Head and…

Two airmen standing by a Lancaster
Two men standing by the port main landing gear of a Lancaster parked on hardstanding. Has letter 'F' on front fuselage. On the reverse 'L Frederick David Jones DFC, R Leslie Alfred Davies, note on engine, NF918 crossed out/SW264'.

Four airman
Four airman wearing greatcoats and side caps. On the reverse 'unknown'.

Seven aircrew
Seven aircrew all wearing Mae West standing in line in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'L Leslie Alfred Davies 3rd left, Frederick Jones P, 3rd [..], Norm Parrinder RG'. Two versions of the same item.

30 RAF personnel
Twenty-nine navigators and one Women's Auxiliary Air Force member sitting and standing in three rows in front of a single story hut. A dog is in centre in the front row. Captioned 'Squadron Navigation, Skellingthorpe 1945'. On the reverse 'L A Davies…

Leslie and Josephine Davies
Two couples, men wearing uniform tunic with half brevet. All sitting at a table with number '34'. On the reverse 'Leslie + Josephine married two days after Dresden'.

Seven aircrew
Seven aircrew in Sidcot suits at Newquay, Cornwall, just off Island crescent, the bridge steelwork for the island is visible and cliffs and hotel on headland beyond. Three are kneeling and four are standing.

Large number of people dining
Several long tables in large dining room with formally dressed men and women seated. Room has wood panelled walls and elaborate overhead lights.

50 Squadron Reunion
A large group of men wearing suit and tie sitting and standing in a room. On the reverse '50 Squadron reunion, Fred below man with glass - diagram showing position of Leslie'.

Two couples
Ttwo couples seated and wearing formal evening wear. On the reverse 'Les/Josephine Davies Rtn'.

Airmen of front of Beachview hotel Newquay
Fifty-eight RAF personnel sitting and standing in four rows, 56 with cadet side caps, outside the Beachview hotel 3 Island Cres, Newquay.

Identification kindly provided by Kenneth R. Woolley III of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles…

Sergeant pilot
Half-length portrait of a man wearing tunic with pilot's brevet.

Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing uniform tunic with observers brevet and side cap.

Headstone for Sergeant J R Davies 3rd August 1944. In the background a stone wall. On the reverse a note 'Taken 3/8 anniversary of death, CWGC Headstone'.

Wooden cross
Wooden cross marking grave of Sgt J R Davies RAF K/A 3 August 1944. In the background a stone wall.

Instructions for starting FW 190
English language instructions for starting Focke-Wolf FW 190.

Letter of sympathy
Offers sympathy over loss of life to Mrs J R Davies

Leslie Davies observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for L A Davies, navigator, covering the period from 4 August 1943 to 16 April 1945 and from 26 September 1948 to 13 June 1953 with no. 5 reserve flying school. He was stationed at RAF Port Alfred, RAF…
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