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A note on a scrap of card stating 'Lived in St. George Nova Scotia Canada from 1943 to 1945'.

The telegram advises Joyce to bring her passport and exit visa to Cunard White Star's office, Halifax.

Written by Ken Boyd the brother-in-law of a Bomber Command pilot Wilfred Comrie who was killed in a crash at RAF Pocklington in March 1943. Wilfred was an American who joined the RCAF in May 1941 and served on 102 Squadron. Ken Boyd was a first…

Author (probably Roy J de Niese) gives some information on recruitment and training of Ceylonese volunteers for the RAF. Includes his recruitment and initial training in Ceylon, travel to Great Britain, enlistment, elementary flying training and…

C.R. Brown’s Flying Log Book from 5 April 1942 to 7 May 1946 detailing training, operations and instructional duties as a Bomb Aimer. Based at Portage La Prairie (No. 7 Air Observers School), Paulson (No. 7 Bombing and Gunnery School), Winnipeg…

An airman wearing tunic with brevet and side cap standing on a monument (South Africa War memorial) with statue of woman holding an olive branch on the left. Part of a figure on top of monument is at top of photograph. On the reverse 'London, Ont,…


A memoir written by a Royal Australian Air Force wireless operator. Firstly he describes major events in the war but he continues with his own experience training in Canada then commencing further training in the UK. Only three pages are…

Flying log book for aircrew other than pilots for H K M Algar, air bomber and navigator, covering the period from 14 September 1943 to 16 March 1954. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying duties with 201 advanced flying…

13 airmen in two rows in front of a Fairey Battle. Each man is named on the front. On the reverse each man has signed his name and 'A/C Fairey Battle Course 45A Observers No 9 Bombing and Gunnery School Mont-Joli PQ July 1942 Back Row RCAF Front RAF…

Ron and his friend at the beach at Ste Flavie. On the reverse 'Tony and myself on the beach at Ste Flavie Mont-Joli June 1942'.

Three trainee airmen in summer uniform at the beach. On the reverse 'Ted, Cyril & Sidney in summer uniform Beach at Ste Flavie Mont-Joli June 1942'.

A full length portrait of Ron in greatcoat with trainee flash on his cap. On the reverse 'St Johns tons of love. Ron'. It is stamped 'Mar 1942'.

Two aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is an oblique aerial image of a farm with orchards.
#2 is a near vertical image of a coastline.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is an aerial view of a snow covered hill side.
#2 is a snow covered forest.
#3 is an aerial view of an airfield and surrounding farms.
#4 is a lake set in a forest. The tail fin of the aircraft is visible.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a starboard/front view of a Hudson in the snow. Behind a second Hudson is flying by, low level.
#2 is two Hudsons parked on the snow.
#3 is an aerial view of hangars in the snow. Part of the aircraft is in the…

Four photographs from an album.
#1, 2 and 3 are similar images of a row of Hudsons lined up in the snow.
#4 is Ron in the turret at the rear of a Hudson.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is the Victoria Bridge, Montreal
#2 is a view across the St Lawrence with the Jacques Cartier Bridge.
#3 and 4 are river rapids.

Five photographs from an album.
#1 is two airmen standing in the snow. One is wearing a greatcoat and the other has an Observers brevet
#2 is a snowy track.
#3 is the same two airmen, the one on the right is about to throw a snowball at the other…

Five photographs from an album.
#1 is a conifer with a two storey building behind.
#2 is the edge of a snowy forest.
#3 is a snowy forest with a building behind.
#4 is a snow covered area seen from a building.
#5 is a snowy road with two distant…

Five photographs from an album.
#1 and 2 are forest conifers covered in snow.
#3 is a man with a rifle. He is wearing a sidcot suit and thick boots.
#4 and 5 are the car park at Heather Lodge, covered in snow.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a starboard view of two Hudsons in the air.
#2 is a port side aerial view of a Hudson, 'N3'.
#3 is a starboard view of a Hudson in the air.
#4 is an oblique aerial photograph of the coast.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a starboard view of two Hudsons, in the air.
#2 is a port side view of a Hudson, 'N3'.
#3 is a starboard side view of a Hudson, 'L3'.
#4 is a close starboard view of Hudson 'L3'.


Three photographs from an album.
#1 is an aerial view of the starboard side of a Hudson.
#2 is an unclear aerial photograph of sea and a distant coast.
#3 is an almost vertical photograph of coastline.
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