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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Great Britain"

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for J Kerevan, wireless operator, covering the period from 16 April 1943 to 12 October 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at 2…

R W Slaughter’s Flying Log Book detailing operations and training flown as Air Gunner covering the period 15 October 1942 to 17 August 1943. He was stationed at RCAF MacDonald (3 Bombing & Gunnery School), RAF Upper Heyford (16 OTU), RAF Wigsley…

Classifies aircraft by engines, wings, fuselages, tails and landing gear. Lists many aircraft under these headings with diagrams of aircraft.

A postcard of a bridge with a single cyclist on it.

A beach scene with a horse pulling a cart with several passengers on.

Identification kindly provided by Chris Mountain of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group group.


A detached house at 21 St Margarets Road, Hayling Island.
On the reverse 'Grand-dad 12 hour Cold Cure 2 Bottles [indecipherable]'.
There is a second slightly different image.

The 26 men are grouped in three rows on the pavement outside Mrs Baker 35 Tottingham House.
On the reverse 'Blackpool 1941 I wonder how many made it. Property of Ivan Ure, Hayling Island'. And on a post-it 'subject back row 5th from left'.

Pages of recognition handbook of British aircraft tabbed national markings Europe with aircraft markings for British (service, civilian and India/Pacific), Eire, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France(friendly and Vichy), Germany, Greece,…

Two photographs of groups of German POWs at Bushey Park.
On the reverse 'Top Pic. Subject front row 5th from left' and 'Bottom Pic. Subject front row centre- in uniform Bushey Park'.

A colour postcard of a Halifax. The message reads that Dad has just arrived.

A group of seven uniformed men, David second right, standing under the port wing of a Lancaster which has engine trestles by the wings. Three of the group are wearing officer's hats and the other side caps. Six show brevets above their left breast…

A cartoon of a bare breasted woman laying prone painted on the nose of Lancaster. There is also a bomb tally painted alongside.

A cartoon woman holding a fencing sword painted on the nose of a Lancaster with the citation Gee !'. Alongside is a bomb tally of 48. On the reverse 'Aircraft 'G' 61 Squadron'.

A group of five men in uniform, David standing far right and a sergeant standing far left. They are standing under the port wing of a Lancaster which has an engine trestle by the wings.

A cartoon character wearing Arab style dress holding playing cards labelled 'Ali Oop!' with the citation 'I Go - I come Back' painted under the cockpit of a Lancaster, the bomb doors of which are open.. Alongside is a bomb tally of 36 including 3…

86 uniformed personnel of the occupational conversion unit including three women arranged in five rows in front of a Lincoln aircraft. David is standing far right in the third row. Nine men are sat cross legged on the grass with an alsatian dog in…

Ten uniformed men sitting on the nose and cockpit of a Lancaster with one in the pilot's seat. David is second left, he and two others are wearing officer's hats, four wear side caps and four are bare headed. The Lancaster is decorated with a cartoon…

An aiming point certificate comprising a sketch of a Lancaster on the ground with rotating propellers It is captioned 'Genoa 61 Squadron 7/8 November 1942 S/Ldr Deas, Sgt Talbot, Sgt Davies, Sgt Taylor, F/Sgt Nightingale, Sgt Munro, F/Lt Leonard'. It…

A canvas pocket and contents, including analogue flight computers relating to low level bombings, a Mark 4 computer for dead reckoning and altitude computations and for speed setting with automatic bombsight and a dial and grid for calculations of…

First, David, in uniform and officer's hat, sat on the bonnet of an Austin car with the registration number CMP 502. There is a second man sat in the driving seat, looking out of the car window. The vehicle is parked on grass land with Nissen huts in…

First, a group of 12 men in uniform and flying suits standing under the starboard wing of a Lancaster with David is standing sixth right. Five of the men are wearing side caps and five are wearing flying suits and parachute harnesses. Parachute bags…
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