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A vertical aerial photograph of an operation at Ladbergen. Most of the image is obscured by light but the canal is visible.
It is captioned '3506 Skell. 4/5.11.44//NT 8" 11500' 066° 1930 Ladnergen [sic] T. 14 ANM 65DN. 22 secs F/O Drinkell. T. 50'.

A vertical aerial photograph of Flushing taken during an operation. Bomb bursts can be seen in the centre of the image. The coastline is clearly visible.
It is captioned '3389 Skell 23.10.44//8"/ 4000

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Wurzburg. No detail visible on the ground.
It is captioned '4724 Skell. 16/17.3.45//NT/(C). 8". 10000 004° 2138 Wurzburg. T. 1HC4000IN.18x4. 19 secs F/L Drinkell.T.50'.
On the reverse 'F/Lt…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Politz. Streaks of light and damage obscure ground detail. It is captioned '4380 Skell. 8/9 2.45//NT/(C) 8" 10000 052° 2122 Politz. T. 1HC 4000IN. 14MC 500DT. 21 secs F/L Drinkell.T.50.' On…

Two sequential vertical aerial photographs of Ladbergen. Both show snow covered fields and the Dortmund-Ems canal. A bomb is visible in the second image.

The first is captioned '4092 Skell.1.1.45//8" 12000 050° 1119 Ladbergen. T. 14MC 1000.LD.…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Dusseldorf. No ground detail is visible.
It is captioned '3485 Skell 2/3.11.44//NT/(C) 8" 18000' 127° 1927 Dusseldorf. T. 14MC1000DN.30 secs. F/O Drinkell. T. 50.'
On the reverse is…

A rear/starboard view of an airman sweeping snow from the top of the fuselage of a Lancaster with squadron code VN. The aircraft has made tracks in the snow on the ground.

A list of aircraft and crew for an operation to Wurzburg.

A Lancaster banking away from a second aircraft. It is captioned '' Nan' 50 Sqdn pilot Drew Wyness F/Lt DFC Skellingthorpe 1943'.

A port side view of a Lancaster, captioned 'Lanc of No 50 Sqdn Skellingthorpe 1943'.

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book one, for A D Hope, wireless operator, covering the period from 15 December 1942 to 28 April 1949. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, instructor duties and post war flying…

Diary of 50 Squadron based at RAF Skellingthorpe including night bombing of Bochum, Germany; laying mines in the Baltic Sea off Gdynia, Poland with the loss of one aircraft; ditching in the North Sea off Denmark, having been attacked by the night…

Time in the RAF including selection as an observer, enrolment at Lord's Cricket Ground, navigational dead reckoning and meteorology training in Eastbourne and Paignton. Time spent on navigational sorties in Grahamstown, South Africa in Ansons and…

A one page letter signed by Flight Lieutenant W R Francis, on behalf of the Wing Commander of 50 Squadron, to congratulate Mrs Coling on the news that her son, Sergeant Eric Coling, is safe and a prisoner of war.

A letter signed by Wing Commander R McFarlane DFC, of 50 Squadron, to Eric Coling's mother, confirming that her son is missing. It further confirms that the Red Cross Committee is working on behalf of the RAF to find Eric's whereabouts.

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Bomb Aimer Eric Frederick Coling from June 1942 to February 1953. Detailing his training schedule, operations flown and post war duties. Served at 44 Air School, South Africa; 16 Operational Training…

First page lists 13 lancasters and one Halifax by registration number and gives the number of operations flown, the squadrons they belonged to and their fate (disposal).
Second page lists a further 22 Lancasters by registration number only.

Keith was five at the start of the war and lived in a farm adjoining the airfield at RAF Skellingthorpe. He describes the airfield and how the trees were cut down in the farm belt. The airfield was closed soon after the war, bought by the City…

A two verse memorial to those who died flying as members of 50 Squadron.
It is endorsed 'With best wishes' F/Lt J.C.A. Rodgers D.F.M. Dip I.E.T. R.A.F.V.R.

Hand written table titled 'April - June 1942, losses in chronological order 50 Squadron, code : VN, Base : Skellingthorpe'. During this period the squadron was operating the Manchester. The last two entries are for August and September.

Two cuttings, the first from the Essex County Telegraph 16th October 1943 announcing the award of a Bar to Harolds D.F.C. The other records the award of the D.F.C. No dates or publication.

A drawing of a Lancaster just starting its take off run presented as a certificate recording the Southgate's crews operation to Milan. The artist is Pilot Officer A Pollen, it is signed by the then A.O.C. R A Cochrane.
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