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An image taken from underneath looking up at an airman at the controls of an aircraft.

Ross in the cockpit of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Ross Charlton gives the camera & I hope the English girls the 1-2'.


Alan Edgar, dressed in shorts and khaki with a member of the ground crew in khaki overalls, standing in front of three Canberras.

Allan Millard dressed in flying helmet and boots, with a pullover tucked into pyjama trousers, is holding a can and smoking a pipe. He has one foot on a boot-scraper and behind is a brick building. On the reverse 'Allan the Air Bomber'.

An airman identified as Alan Edgar sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft. He is wearing a leather helmet and goggles. On the reverse is written 'Freddie Firth takes one of yours truly -wrapped up for nothing Feb 43'.
A second photograph is almost…

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Half length portraits of Alan Edgar in RAF uniform and his brother in sergeant's Army uniform. On the front is written 'Best of Luck [indecipherable]' On the reverse 'Flt A.G Edgar Dad & His Brother'. Another comment has been blacked out. A rubber…

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Head and shoulders image of Alan smoking a pipe. On the reverse 'FX IS'985' 23416 14'

Four airmen relaxing outside a wooden shingled building. On the reverse 'Wog Tweed, Nat, Pendleton & Myself'.
It is stamped 'Sep 27 1942'.

An airman standing outside a brick building. On the reverse 'Bob Brooks the Navigator'.

Two airmen leaning on a bridge. On the reverse 'Freddie Firth & Myself'.


Three airmen standing outside a brick building. On the reverse 'L to R Rid, Don, Johnny'.

Half length portrait of Alan Edgar in uniform with pilot brevet. On the reverse 'Regards to Eddie & Kay from your old pal [indecipherable] Upwood May 1945'.
It is stamped 'Royal Australian Air Force Official Photograph'.

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Lord Mountbatten chatting to five men, including Alan Edgar in the background. On the reverse is annotated 'A G Edgar in background after meeting Mountbatten BEE85'.

Alan in dress uniform and a woman in evening dress.

Half length portrait of a woman carrying a large format film cassette. Behind her is a framed portrait of the Queen.

Alan Edgar, a man and two women standing drinking. Alan is in uniform and the ladies are in evening dresses. The other man is wearing a dinner jacket.

Filming of 'The Dam Busters' involving cameras and large lighting units. Michael Redgrave as Barnes Wallis and Richard Todd as Guy Gibson are talking in front of a building.
On the reverse 'Filming "the Dambusters" Richard Todd is wearing AG…

A sequence of three vertical aerial photographs of a dockyard area. The docks are at the edge of a wide river and running into this is another river or possible a canal. The images are captioned 'Millard 7.10.93' and '1, 2 and 3'. Millard is the bomb…

An unidentified half length portrait of a flight engineer.

An aerial oblique view of Lincoln Cathedral and the city.

A large industrial complex to the south of Lincoln cathedral.

Two former crew members inside a Lancaster. On the back
'Bob Brooks (Australia) Navigator
Alan Edgar DFC Pilot'

Alan Edgar and four of his wartime crew. They are standing under the Lancaster at RAF Scampton. On the reverse the five crew members are identified with their crew role.

An air-to-air view of Canberra, WT 362 flying upside down over clouds.

Air-to-air view of three Canberras in formation over clouds. WT335, WT331 and WT332.
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