Swift and Sure



Swift and Sure


Left page: top left, a report of a gorse fire on Harpenden Common.
Centre, seagull in flight, annotated 'original photograph taken by Bob'.
Top right, weather report; middle, attendees at a police dance, annotated 'Geoff Shaw was in the same squadron (51) as Bob, He was killed on landing at Dishforth one night after an op over Germany when bombs were stuck the undercarriage''.
Bottom left, village bridge and ford over a river. Captioned "St Michael’s, St Albans." 
Centre, cartoon goat captioned "Cuthbert".
Right, a hospital ward following a raid, annotated, 'Mile End hospital'.
Right page: top left, crest of 51 Squadron with the motto 'Swift and Sure', annotated, 'Bob was in 51 Squadron'.
Right, Royal Air Force card.
Bottom, left, head and shoulder portrait of a uniformed man, annotated, 'Peter Captain R.A.M.C.
Right, head and shoulder portrait of a woman, annotated, 'Suzanne, late 1930's'.

Additional information on Gerald Shaw is available via the IBCC Losses Database.

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Four newspaper cuttings, five b/w photographs, one b/w artwork of badge, one card with embossed badge and ribbon on two album pages


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