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Acknowledges receipt of letter and glad mother is feeling better. Proposes numbering his letters, this is number 1. Writes of news of crew and other gossip. Continues letter at later time and says he is in better spirits than the last time he wrote.…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 14/15 January 1944. The fourth member of each crew is ticked. Includes briefing times and duty personnel

Target photograph of Brunswick. Totally obscured by dust and haze. Some light streaks. Captioned '4', '10 SKELL.14/15.1.44//NT. 8" 22,000 [arrow] 145° 1915 BRUNSWICK.C.1X4000. 15X4. 8X30. 31SECS. P/O JENNINGS. C. 50.'. On the reverse '[underlined]…

Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Lieutenant John Chatterton 30 March 1942 to 15 April 1954 detailing training schedule, instructional duties and operations flown. Served at RAF Dunholme Lodge, RAF Syerston, RAF East Kirkby and RAF Swinderby.…

Target photograph of Braunschweig. No detail visible,some smoke or dust and light streaks. Captioned' 5', '16 SKELL. 14/15.1.44//NT 5" 21,000 [arrow] 145° 1924 BRUNSWICK. X. 1X4000+15X4+8X30. 31SECS. P.O.ORAM. X.50'. On the reverse '[underlined] P/O…
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