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From Flight Sergeant G T Welsh's mother providing information of Kenneth following the aircraft's crash. Advising that her son and Sergeant Langton are held in same camp.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No…

Leslie Manser's one day diary for 1940. Contains details about his life before he was accepted into the RAF and some details of his service life. Includes a blotter and news clipping.

Service release book for Audrey Maud Saunders (ACW1, 2149007). Contains details and instructions for release from RAF service. Saunders was a teleprinter operator in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

A biography of his life. He joined the RAF as a wireless operator/air gunner. He volunteered for the Special Operations Exceutive. He was shot down in the Black Forest area and ended up at Sagan, Stalag Luft 3. He spent time building secret radios…

A list of 129 Lancasters lost on 79 operations between September 1943 and April 1945. Target, date and aircraft tail numbers are listed in chronological order.

He has more flying to do on his course and he is not sure about his leave. He and his crew have been into Newark for cinema and beer.

He writes that his time at Moncton is nearly finished and he will be moving to St John.

Judy has just heard that Ted is a prisoner of war. She tells her news from her new station.

Notes service with 614 Squadron, part of 205 Group, Mediterranean allied strategic air force on B-24 as flight engineer. Relates his first operation in a Wellington. Changed to 104 Squadron. Gives description of base at Amendola, Italy. Relates…

Write up on course performance of pupil pilot Dufort. Covers general progress, spinning and aeros, Difficult student to instruct, not keen on flying. Continues with other comments on performance.

Small cloth black dog mascot and text explanation. Belonged to donor's grandfather and had been in family for 74 years. Provides some other information in items donated.

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The letter from the wife of a crew member, Sergeant Bartle, asks if she has heard anything about the crew. She has been in touch with Pilot Officer Griffin's wife and Pilot Officer Walsh's wife. Air Gunner Grellier's mother also wrote to her.…

Long poem/song addressed to fledgling aircrew under training.

Comments that he did not have operation as second dicky but went straight on ops. Writes about special duties on Stirling with GH. Mentioned doing Lancaster Finishing School and comments on comparison of Stirling and Lancaster. On the reverse some…

Outline map of England and north west Europe. Shows route to Homberg (near Duisburg) and return. Comments on anti-aircraft fire and being holed. Includes bomb load. Day operation.

Covers period 28 January 1944 to 4 February 1944. Lists units for long range bombers, long range recce, fighter bomber, twin engine fighters, tactical recce and coastal. Followed by short note of disposition of fighters on western front. Follows a…

Detailed operation order from group to 102, 77, 10, 158, 466, 640, 76, 78, 51 and 578 Squadrons with numbers of aircraft required. Target "Whitebait". Gives detailed instructions, routes, bomb loads, wave orders, fuel loads, window carriage, route…

Gives personal details and date of death.

Biography of Rohan Amerasekera. Consist of early life, war service in the RAF including training eventually as as a navigator. Operational tours on 158 Squadron and 35 Squadrons. Lists his crew. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross in January 1944.…

Top - now reveals that the operation for which Robert Palmer was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross involved his use of highly secret "Oboe" which meant he had to fly straight and level while being engaged by enemy fighters and anti-aircraft…

Three newspaper cuttings with varying accounts of background and actions of Robert Palmer leading to award of Victoria Cross. Note that he was missing after this operation which was his 111th operational flight. Headlines - Daily Mail the shy V.C.…

Accounts from Evening Standard, Daily Mirror and Daily Express. Concerning award of Victoria Cross for Robert Palmer. Gives tribute from his squadron commander and headmaster. Mirror noted he was always selected for tough jobs. A gives comments by…

States that Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer previously winner of DFC and became Kent's sixth V.C of that war. Gives some personal and operational background and gives account of operation to Cologne which resulted in award of…

Gives account of action of Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer, 109 Squadron leading to award of Victoria Cross. Aircraft seen spiralling down in flames after attack on Cologne.

Top left - D.F.C for Gravesend County old boy - to Flight Lieutenant Robert Palmer, also previously mentioned in despatches.
Top right - Bar to D.F.C award for Gravesend officer. To Flight Lieutenant Robert Palmer. Gives some background and states…
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