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Describes procedures including compiling lists, contacting the International Red Cross. Mentions work of Red Cross and St John organisations as well as service department. Continues with role of casualty branches of services and notification of next…

First part of letter from Terry Ford to his father, comments on Fishy taking up music again, playing table tennis. Thinks that Roy Hussey has done well and is pleased that Don is off ops again. That he has paid half his Income Tax, that he went to a…

He wishes Terry Ford the best of luck on joining the RAF, talks about Roy Archibald's passing out parade, firing off pistol ammunition that was no longer required and a football match.

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Quotations referring to the attempts to supply the Poles in Warsaw with armaments.

Writing again one day after previous to announce arrival of letter number 24. Glad to hear they had received another 6 of his letters. Tells of another letter arriving via Germany, envelope covered in eagles and swastikas. Reminisces and catches up…

Reports arrival of several letters and postcard and attempts to answer all his questions and future plans for the house. Mentions buying adjacent plot of land getting it at a very good price and possibility of keeping rabbits. Continues with…

Describes garden of new house along with plans for future. and buying trees and plants. Writes of other daily activities; shopping and family plans for future and arrival of birthday presents.

Writes of making cakes for prisoner of war raffle and collecting contributions round the neighbourhood. Catches up with friends news and mentions offer from chartered accountants library to supply professional material. Writes of other organisations…

Her first letter to John since she heard that we was a prisoner of war. She describes the time when he was missing and the reactions of friends to the good news. Suggests starting a game of chess and asks him to tell her what he wants her to send…

Number 71-128. Discusses house purchase and that he will endorse any decisions she makes. Mentions financial issues, arrival of books and continuing study of violin.

Number 22. Reports arrival of parcels and asks her to send thanks. Attended concert three times out of five showings. Played rugby and scored try. Will be 31 tomorrow.

Number 29. Mentions he has had no recent letters from her. Writes of health issues effecting his activities but he is keeping on with violin. Mentions camp duties and difficulties organising other prisoners, Goes on to explain that life in camp is…

Number 28. Mentions receiving a letter from former client and asks Ursula to thank him. Catches up with friends/ family news. As this might be last letter before Christmas sends seasons greetings to all. Writes he is still persisting with violin.…

Number 21. Lists letters arrived. Still allowed only one letter and one card out a month. Limits ability to write to anyone else as saving allowance for her. Red Cross has issued some clothes but mentions he still need some article s to avoid having…

Number 20. Notes that letter ration has been reduced to one letter and one card outbound and 4 letter inbound in per month. List letters arrived including some from friends. Not able to reply to them due to limits on letters out. Writes of domestic…

Number [censored]. List letters that have arrived and mentions one from Swiss friend promising parcel soon. Food situation now better than it was in first month when there were no Red Cross parcels. [censured lines]. More about food and sport. Time…

Number 18. Thanks her for efforts to organise food parcels but disappointed with one rich acquaintance. Thrilled to get old photographs of her. Continuing effort with his now own violin. Red Cross food parcel arriving regularly and well as some…

First letter as a prisoner of war. Asks her to let him know how long she was in suspense with him missing before he was reported as prisoner. Writes of conditions in camp. Describes how pilot stayed with aircraft and allowed the rest of the crew to…

A notebook used by Peter Webb to record lecture notes regarding engine systems, instruments and electrics.

Bill writes before having to take part in an inter-squadron run that afternoon, which he is not looking forward to. They are all getting excited about the prospect of leave, but if they fail exams this will be cancelled for them.

He describes the…

206 Sqdn badge and small photographs of two Shackletons. Captioned ‘No. 206 Squadron St. Eval Feb’ 56 - Jan’58 St. Mawgan Jan – May ’58 Flying – Shackleton Mk.1 (Maritime Recce)’.
Three b/w photographs captioned 'Idris, Libya, Cooling…


Lancaster, B-SR, dropping a cloud of incendiaries, and showing the ABC aerials on the fuselage. Hand written caption pointing to the masts 'The A.B.C. masts a third one was under the nose'.

Three press clippings showing the liners Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in their wartime roles, front cover of 'Souvenir Calendar 1943'.

Keith Thompson and two fellow Yorkshiremen as newly qualified LAC observers, with aircrew training flashes and observer brevet, standing in front of left engine of an Anson.
Colour post card is captioned 'Chateau Frontenac Quebec City's landmark'.…
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