Harold Wigley's RAF Pilot's Log Book



Harold Wigley's RAF Pilot's Log Book


The Log Book runs from 20 August 1940 until 10 March 1944.
The first flight is recorded at No 7 EFTS , Desford flying in the Tiger Moth, he remained there until 28 September when he moved to No 12 SFTS flying in the Anson. In January 1941 Harold moved to No 10 OTU Abingdon, flying the Whitley. On 15th April Harold was posted to 51 Squadron, Dishforth initially flying the Whitley but almost immediately converting to the Wellington. His first operation was to Kiel on the 18 May 1941 in a Whitley, his remaining operations were in the Wellington. Harold and his crew were posted to 405 Squadron, Driffield on 27 May 1941 and moved to Pocklington on the 26 June 1941 and then undertook operations to Swartze, Cologne, Brest, Dunkirk, Le Havre, Berlin and Dortmund. Harold attended a BAT course at 1502 BAT Flight Abingdon, in February 1942 flying Whitley's. They carried out operations to Heligoland, Essen, and Lubeck. Harold converted to the Halifax April/May 1942. He carried out 19 operations, was injured after a crash on 12 October 1942 and was posted to No 10 OTU on 17 November 1942. Harold acquired a Red endorsement to his Log Book, 'Whitley V BD 377 23 October 1942, Gross carelessness (Non flying) letter ref 916/1405/1595/P1 14 Nov 1942.
He was posted to No 12 OTU on 20 November. The aircraft he flew there on the Gunnery flight included the Whitley, Defiant, Lysander, Wellington and Martinet, he remained there until 10 March 1944 when his Log Book records that he was posted to No 100 Group for Special duties. The second pilot on operations were Pilot Officer Mattey, Sergeant Craig, and Sergeant Farnborough.



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