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1. Two young men, standing in the sea.
2. A young man, wearing shorts and boots, sitting in the sun. Behind him is some material suspended on posts, like a windbreak. Some towels are hanging above this and at the left edge of the photograph there is…

1. An airman appears to be digging in a field. Behind him are several tents.
2. Two young men digging in a field. One is swinging a pick axe while the other is holding a spade. A tent is visible behind them.
3. A young man sitting in the sun in…

13 handwritten pages, Margaret describes in some detail her early life and service in the WAAF as a nurse.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Peter was born in Erdington, Birmingham. He joined the RAF and was trained at the Empire Air Training School in Canada. He re-mustered as a navigator and was with 49 Squadron for a short time. Peter then joined 106 Squadron and did a tour of 34…

Monty grew up in Croydon and became an articled accountant in London before joining the RAF. Training at the Initial Training Wing in Torquay was followed by RAF Bishops Court in Northern Ireland and RAF Kinloss, which had a flight simulation room.…

A cartoon of a prisoner with a forced air camp stove for boiling water. It is dated Oct 17 1944. It is drawn on a prisoner of war postcard.

Six airmen, two with musical instruments, in a room in a wooden building. One man is laying on the top of a double bunk

Magazine of 48 Air School, South Africa. Contains articles on local news, letters of thanks, entertainment, keeping fit, sports reports and results, poems, personal experiences in the RAF, sketches showing life at RAF Woodbrook, South African…

Magazine of 48 Air School, South Africa. On the front cover is written: '1801494 LAC ROYALL G.L. 27/6/43'. The magazine contains articles of local and war news, a description of what life is currently like in Britain, photographs of key personnel at…

Four men seated in a dormitory. Also in the scene are beds, bed clothes (made into in a bed pack), a suitcase and a jacket and trousers on a hanger.

Top left: A F Nye astride a motorbike. On reverse, 'speed king MI*'.
Top right: Six men on a motorbike. On reverse, 'six men on a byke'.
Bottom left: Licensing star mounted on a building'. On reverse: 'What is it?'
Bottom right: Man standing…

Top left: man sat reading a newspaper. On reverse, 'Les Harris'.
Centre: Three servicemen sat outside a Nissen hut. On reverse. 'Three oppo's'.
Bottom left: Inside Nissen hut bar. On reverse: 'The transit mess'.
Bottom right: Man sat on wicker…

A panoramic view of the camp from the roof of a hut. Several huts can be seen.

Seven airmen seated in two rows in a room.

Image of a sergeant airman seated on a bed. The bed clothes are made up into a bed pack.

Three airmen, seated in a room. Two are sergeants, one is holding a flask and cup.

He describes his journey back to camp. He has not been busy flying. The camp is cold and there is a lot of talk of the end of service.

Letter discussing his health and his relationship with Joyce.

He describes his return journey to camp. His new camp has excellent accommodation and the food is good.

He has received two letters from Jean. He is getting seven days leave. His new base is rough and ready and the food is not good.

Describes a typical day in camp including: recovering from a party, dance in the sergeants' mess. Comments on his stage of training and writes of lectures in cold hut. Mentions girlfriend. Attempting to get 48-hour pass without luck. Includes printed…

Transcript of F Dunn's memoir describing life before and after joining the RAF. Includes induction and starting off in the RAF in England and then sea voyage to South Africa and then initial training in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Describes time at Hillside ITW camp, Bulawayo. Having to wait before starting aircrew training. Includes letter to sister and brother describing a typical day in camp. Describes local area and inhabitants as well as training activities, drill,…

Starts after arrival at Durban in South Africa. Describes time in Clairwood "rest camp", visiting Durban and Christmas and New Year celebrations. Long description of activities in Durban. Discusses South Africa and describes train journey to South…

Autographical account of life at the beginning of the war including service in ARP in Swindon. Reasons for volunteering for the RAF. Registered for military service in February 1941. Waiting for call-up. Induction at St John's Wood London and…
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