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Maps showing England and Western Germany with very faint route to east Germany.

Log for operation to Dresden for navigator F/S Davies, 50 Squadron aircraft letter F, captain Flight Lieutenant Jones. Start time 1808, landed 0303.

Description of roll of honour and asking if addressee would like to own the part of the register with the name Sergeant John Richard Davies - to fill in attached form.

Description of inscription at the entrance portico and history of the memorial.

Writes enclosing the Flying Log Book of Sergeant J R Davies and includes typed ‘Certificate of Death of Sgt John Richard Davies who lost his life on 3 August 1944.'

States that the crew flew operationally on no fewer than six Lancaster aircraft. Mentions operations along with aircraft flown on them and some of aircraft's subsequent history and where they were built.

Made out for John R Davies in March 1943 when he was LAC. Included b/w head and shoulders portrait of John Davies wearing tunic and side cap. Contains personal details.

Biography of flight engineer Robert (McKenzie otherwise Mackenzie) Smith. Includes early life and RAF training. Continues with operational history and description of flight engineers role. Concludes with post-war brush with law and subsequent career.…

Beginning of attempt to gain insight into the wartime career of author's father Leslie Alfred Davies. Mention early life and that he ended up as a Lancaster navigator on 50 Squadron. Includes 50 Squadron crest.

Account of daylight operation against Dortmund-Ems canal aqueducts. Operation was abandoned due to cloud cover. Landed at Waddington. Includes b/w photographs of target,

Flying log book for R M Smith, flight engineer, covering the period from August 1944 to 16 November 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF St Athan, RAF Wigsley, RAF Syerston and RAF Skellingthorpe. Aircraft…

Pilot’s flying log book for F D Jones, covering the period from 27 March 1942 to 12 April 1944. Detailing his flying training. He was stationed at RAF Theale, RCAF Moncton, Ponca City, RAF Harrogate, RAF Hern, RAF Tern Hill, RAF Tatenhill, RAF…

Flying log book for G Jarmey, Bomb Aimer, covering the period from 29 August 1943 to 8 July 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RCAF Fingal, RCAF London, RAF Moreton Valance, RAF Husbands…

Flying log book for E Marrs, wireless operator, covering the period from 12 September 1943 to 10 September 1946. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 10 squadron. He was stationed at RAF Barrow, RAF Madley, RAF…

Flying log book for navigator’s air bomber air gunner’s flight engineers for G J Mellafont, air gunner, covering the period from 25 February 1944 to 10 September 1946. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF…

Information about Norman Parrinder written by his daughter Suzannah Aston. Mentions meeting her mother and marrying as well as some recollections about operations including force landing in neutral territory. Continues with comments on his feelings…

Draft comments on last operation of John Davies. Died on active service with 166 Squadron. List crew of his Lancaster (pilot and flight engineer survived) and recounts operation to V1 site at Trossy St Maximin in which and other crew John were…

Missing subject name. Offers sympathy for something as a result of air operations 3 August 1944.

Informs her aircraft landed in France, all crew safe.

Informs them that no further information has been received concerning their son Sergeant J R Davies RAF.

Informs them that they had heard from the air ministry that their son Sergeant J R Davies was reported missing believed killed in action. Their son and four other members of his crew lost their lives on 3 August 1944.

Permanent headstones with personal inscriptions were now in place. Asks if they had considered contributing to the cost of engraving personal inscriptions. Relatives were under no obligation to send a contribution unless they wished.

Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for L A Davies, navigator, covering the period from 4 August 1943 to 16 April 1945 and from 26 September 1948 to 13 June 1953 with no. 5 reserve flying school. He was stationed at RAF Port Alfred, RAF…
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