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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1945-04-16"

Announces that camp has been liberated but only one third of prisoners were still there. He had been able to stay behind as he was in sick bay recovering from diphtheria. He was over illnes but does not know when he will be back in Britain.

A large group of men cheering and waving at camera. On the reverse 'Not for publication before the daily papers of Saturday April 21st 1945, British Official Photograph No.BU.3703(WK), War Office-Crown copyright reserved, Picture issued April 1945,…

Some personal data and a list of operations with heights. Entries for flying days, Operations January to April 1945, Mentions leave, birthdays, train times, days out, events, news of friends and acquaintances, meetings and parties, hospital…

Target photograph of Pilsen. Completely obscured by haze, smoke, dust, light streaks and balls of light. Captioned 'V', '5B', '5152 SKELL.16/17.4.45//NT(C)8" 12750' 165° 0401. PISEN.B. 1HC4000(Tr)IN+6MC500(M2)DT46ANM64DT.27secs.F/L.RAWLE.B.61.'. On…

Indicates two bomb loads. Includes time on target '0400', preselection settings, and false height settings. On the reverse; marking and tactics, bombing details, Window, camera, navigation notes and other details.

List crews and aircraft for operations on night 16/17 April 1945. Includes two crews with second pilot. One or two crew members from each crew are underlined in red. Includes duty personnel.
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