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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1945-03-23"

Scaramuccia reports on issues slowing down the delivery pace of the Casoni improvised landing strip: headcount of labourers fluctuates on a day-by-day basis; men show up at irregular hours for work; supplies are not delivered regularly; food has to…


Front quarter view of the starboard side of a Halifax on runway with tail up. Hangar in the background. On the reverse 'Halifax 'U' Uncle. 51 Squadron, damaged on take-off 23.3.45'.

Target photograph of Wesel. Obscured by light streaks and bomb explosions, No clear detail visible. Captioned '5°F', '5B', '4854 SKELL.23/24.3.45//NT(C)8" 11000' 030° 2237 WESEL.Q 8MC1000.TD. 6ANM65TD 21SECS.F/O.ROOCROFT.Q.61.'. On the reverse…

States H-hour '2235'. Indicates two bomb loads for six and six aircraft respectively. Shows preselection, distributor, false height and other weapon settings. Some weight calculations in the left margin. On the reverse; marking and tactics including…

Vertical aerial photograph of Bremen bridge. Street patterns and a river with bridges are visible but central top of the image is obscured by bombs and smoke. Captioned at top right ‘4B 4B’. Captioned along the bottom ‘‘3258 Lud.M 23.3.45 …

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks are clustered toward the top left of the photograph, with others across the centre and lower half. One small flare is visible to the right of centre. Captioned…

Report on the condition of a domestic shelter, with notes on the condition of items of clothing that have been stored inside.
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