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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-11-23"

A vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing of Szombathely South marshalling yard. Fields and a wood are visible with connecting grid of road. It is captioned ' 2. 37/328. 22/23 NOV.44. F8"//NT.7300' -->210°. 2005 . Szombathely South M/Y.…

Four vertical aerial photographs taken during the bombing of Uzice, numbered 2603, 2604, 2605 and 2606. On 2603 bombs are seen dropping. Bomb explosions obscure part of the image. It is captioned '2603/2604/2605/2606. 37/329 23.Nov.44 F8//10,200'…

A vertical aerial photograph showing a hill, roads and some settlement in a valley. It is captioned '2604. 37/329 23.Nov.44 F8//10,200' --> 1501 A.C. UZICE. Maj BAYFORD Sgt CROUCHER (B/A)'

A navigation log prepared by Ted Neale

Brief notes describing operation.


Shows two loads of parachute mines with preselection settings. Includes time off and estimated time of return. On the reverse weapon settings for mines and jettison instructions. Height for mining 13000 ft.
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