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Diary from joining the RAF in may 1941, through training as groundcrew and then volunteered for aircrew and eventually trained as air gunner and posting to 514 Squadron. Describes operations while on the squadron and notes details and losses.…

Flying log book for T J saint, air gunner, covering the period from 22 August 1943 to 10 May 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Morpeth, RAF Wing, RAF Little Horwood, RAF Newmarket, RAF Stradishall, RAF…

Lists 42 operations with dates, targets, aircraft, fuel, bomb loads, times and accounts of sortie for each one. Mentions Pathfinder marking, occasional air sickness, Master Bomber, number of aircraft lost on some operations, damage to aircraft on a…

Nine images of a bombed town.
Information supplied with the collection states -
Photo 1 Housing, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 2 Railway, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 3 Railway, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 4 Railway, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 5 Eglise St Gilles…

A letter to Arthur's father explaining that his son is missing in action.

Annamaria De Manzano Vici recalls her wartime childhood in Trieste. Describes the struggle of her women-only family, coping with fear, hunger, and difficulties in finding food supplies. Remembers the run to the public shelter and the terror felt…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 9/10 June 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Includes three standby crews with allocated aircraft annotated. Includes one cross country training crew as well as duty personnel.

Target photograph of Orleans. Almost completely obscured by smoke, dust and light streaks. No detail visible. Captioned '7B', '912 SKELL.10/11.6.44.//NT 8" 7500' [arrow] 226° 0042. ORLEANS RD.L.2X1000.14X500.18 secs.P/O OLIVER L.50.'. 'On the…

Target photograph of Orleans. Partially obscured by smoke and light streaks. Captioned '9B', '905 SKELL.10/11.6.44.//NT 8" 6000' [arrow] 190° 0047. ORLEANS RD.M.2X1000.14X500.15 secs.S/L COLE M.50.' On the reverse 'ORLEANS. S/L COLE 10/11.6.44'.…

Alberto Dini reminisces his wartime life in Trieste starting from the declaration of war until the end of the conflict. Describes life under the bombs, stressing disruption of utilities, devastated streets and chequered schooling history. Describes…

Following the destruction of a church in Trieste, the leaflet contrasts the horrors of unrestricted bombing warfare with the hypocrisy of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. They describe themselves as devoutly religious despite ordering the…

In a bare room, a man is chained to the wall surrounded by five other prisoners. The man at the back has a Star of David badge sewn onto his yellow shirt and is holding his hands in the air, whilst the other men appear to be shouting.

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