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Seven airmen wearing parachute harnesses, two kneeling in front with parachutes and four standing behind. Submitted with description 'W/Cdr R E Baxter's air crew, RAF Skellingthorpe April 1943. Left to right: Baxter, Sgt Berry, Sgt Thersby, P/O…

Top - a group of servicemen and Women's Auxiliary Air Force members all wearing uniform tunic, two kneeling in front and the other standing with trees in the background. Submitted with description 'Lunch at WAAF Officers' Mess Syerston Sep 1943. Left…

Reg Harrison grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and enjoyed watching aircraft when they flew over. He had his first flight as a youngster when he was lent five dollars by a shopkeeper. He volunteered for aircrew as soon as he was of age and began his…

A large group of aircrew wearing battledress or tunics with side or peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows in front of a Lancaster. In the centre bottom 49 Squadron Badge - April 1943.

Full length image of an airman wearing flying suit, boots and Mae West standing under the starboard inner engine of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'No 49 Squadron Royal Air Force, Fiskerton, Lincs, 1943, [...], Squadron Royal Air Force Fiskerton, Lincs…

Memoir including photographs of the crew and aircraft. Thomas Jones was a flight engineer on Stirling and Lancaster and completed 64 operations on two tours. Describes early life, joining the RAF, selection and training., crewing up and first posting…

Notes describing first leaflet sortie, problems with starboard engine, forced landing and activities in France and return to England. Then moves on to 207 Squadron and lists operations and flying after finishing second tour and post war.

Document laying down responsibilities of prisoner of war including: behaviour under interrogation, what the enemy will try and find out, how information is obtained by the enemy (sources and methods), Do's and Dont's and rights of prisoners.

For Cochran Field, Georgia with H Bartlett personal details and photograph.


The memo refers to F G Bower's body which is being transported to Hucknall by train.

Photo 1 is a half length portrait of a man in a sweater.
Photo 2 is eight airmen captioned '+20/8/43'.
Photo 3 is two men with their hands in the air, one soldier beside them. Two men with rifles are on the right, captioned 'Two Polish prisoners…

Article 1. Headlines: Soviet note to Poles, a diplomatic rupture, announcement by Mr Molotov. Article 2. Headlines: Russia and Poland, Marshal Stalin's statement to "The Times", offer of post war alliance.

Article 1. Headlines: Kairouan and Sousse occupied, eighth army pressing on through minefields, unflagging air offensive, no respite for retreating enemy. Article 2. Headlines: signs of German internal crisis, but hard military task is probably still…

Article headlines: eighth army's new victory, 500 guns blast hole in Akarit defences, infantry's overwhelming assault, junction with American forces. Cutting headlines: eighth army in close pursuit, nearly 10,000 prisoners taken, northern attack…

Top left: two actors dressed as women converse on stage. In the background a sofa and a window. Captioned 'F6 "Home and Beauty", Stalag Luft 3, Apr 43'. Top right: two actors, one dressed as a woman dancing on stage. In the background a table with…

Top left a poster for show "Home and Beauty" with a cast list pinned underneath. Captioned 'F1 Show Poster'. Top right: four actors on stage two on left, one standing the other sitting on a bed both in uniform. On the right, two actors dressed as…

Top left: two actors talking on stage dressed as man and woman both in medieval costumes. Captioned 'E26 "Merchant of Venice, Stalag Luft 3, Apr 43'. Top right: three actors on stage wearing medieval costumes. Captioned 'E27 "Merchant of Venice,…

Top left: a poster for the merchant of Venice with silhouette on man an d woman with bridge in the background. Captioned 'E20 Show Poster'. Top right: five actors on stage wearing a variety of medieval costumes. Captioned 'E21 "Merchant of Venice,…

Photo 1 is a landing Stirling. On the left is a control van and windsock, annotated 'Winthorpe Conversion Course'.
Photo 2 is three airmen sitting outside a wooden building, annotated 'Blida 1943 April 150 Sqdn Sgt Willoughby (Nav O), Chadderton…

Describes crossing the Atlantic to Canada and journey to Bowden, Alberta and then on to Estevan, Saskatchewan. Day by day account of activities, flying and life in Canada, Concludes with journey back across Canada

Top left - blurred image of two actors on stage dressed in medieval costume. Captioned 'E26 "Merchant of Venice", Stalag Luft 3, Apr'.
Top right - blurred image of three actors in medieval costumes on stage. Captioned ' "Merchant of Venice", Stalag…

Top left - poster for the "Merchant of Venice". Captioned 'E20 show poster'.
Top right - five actors in medieval costume, two as women, all on stage. Captioned ' "Merchant of Venice", Stalag Luft 3, Apr 43'.
Centre left - two actors in medieval…

Top left - blurred image of five actors on stage in a variety of costumes. Captioned 'F8 "Home and Beauty", Stalag Luft 3, Apr 43'.
Top right - blurred image of two actors, one dressed as women embracing on stage. Captioned 'F7 "Home and Beauty",…

Top middle - poster and cast list for 'Home and Beauty'. Captioned 'F1 show poster'.
Centre left - four actors on stage, two in uniform, one dressed as a woman, one in pyjamas. Captioned 'F2 "Home and Beauty", Stalag Luft 3, Apr 43'.
Centre right…
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