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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-04-17"

Thanks him for letter and congratulates him on his escape. Encloses a letter of recommendation for Jack's commission. Mentions that he is very busy in the Middle East.

Acknowledge latest cable and letter. Asks if parcel arrived, Granddad staying.

Starts with general chat and mention that granddad is visiting and gives account of looking after him. Mentions visiting Burnley. Writes of spring arriving with green leaves and warm sunshine. Quotes the cable that she had sent with news and was…

Catches up with letters and cable received. Says no parcel received yet but eagerly expecting the cigarettes they sent. Says he is asking in his reply cable for soap, socks and towels and gives reason for request. Notes other have received parcels…

Writes about laundry she is sending as well as latest photographs of daughter. She asks what photographs he would like. Writes that she is sending stamped postcards so he can slip one in post after a trip to say he is alright. Reports it was grand to…


Congratulatory letter concerning daylight operation by Bomber Command Lancasters on U-boat factory at Augsburg. 'Undeterred by heavy losses at the outset 44 and 97 Squadrons pierced in broad daylight into the heart of Germany and struck a vital point…

Features episode during Augsburg operation of Lancaster being severely damaged but still returning home.

Warrant Officer Edwards, wearing tunic and side cap, standing in front of a building with windows. In the background bomb racks are leaning against a building. On the reverse 'W.O. Edwards, W, i/c 50 Sqd on [sic] Armoury, Skellingthorpe, 17-4-42,…

A letter from No 10 Downing Street to air officer commanding-in-chief, Bomber Command, complimenting the RAF on their success in bombing Augsburg.

Details about the operation on the MAN u-boat engine factory in Augsburg and the decorations awarded to the crew members.
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