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16 airmen arranged in two rows. They are trainees and are wearing sidecaps with white flashes. They have a sign with 'Class 'K' Course 66 Air Bombers Dafoe - Sask.' On the reverse is written 'November 1942'.

29 airmen (all but one trainees) arranged in three rows in front of a Tiger Moth. The ground is snow covered. Underneath all 29 are named.

Top left - road with telegraph poles on left side going into the distance with entrance on left with sign 'Royal Air Force [.......]'. Top right road running into the distance with single story huts either side. An airman is walking way from camera…

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an airman standing on an aircraft wing beside a cockpit. It is captioned ' Gene Toler (California'.
Photo 2 is a three quarter length portrait of an airman standing with his hands in his pockets, captioned…

The letter is to his brother and law and sister. He hopes they have not been worrying about him. He advises them that more letters are on their way.

!:506880 Chart of Moose Jaw region.

1:506880 Chart of Swift Current-Regina.

Top left - air to ground view of town with starboard wing. Captioned 'above Swift Current'. Top right - air t o ground view of open country. Captioned 'the experimental farm'. Middle left - air to ground view of open countryside with river. Captioned…

Top left - air to ground view of river running bottom right to top left.Middle left - air to ground view of river in middle distance. Middle right - air to ground view of river on left. Bottom right - air to ground view of river in distance on left.…

An airmail letter to his sister and brother in law. He advises them that all is well during his training. He writes about family and friends.

30 photographs from an album.
Photo 1 and 2 are the same. Two airmen standing in front of a brick building. They are annotated 'Stan & Jock'.
Photo 3 and 4 are the same. Six airmen in sidcot suits annotated 'Some of the Boys - Howard, Pete, Jim,…

Captioned 'Dafoe', the photograph shows three parked Ansons.

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Two airmen in flying suits standing in snow embracing on a step in front of the door to a building. On the reverse 'Bill + Lucy, 32 EFTS, Swift Current Nov 1941'.

Third of David Geach's diaries describing his service & personal life training as an Air Bomber in Canada. He describes his ground & flying training experiences, social life both in camp and in local Canadian towns and New York. He details train…

Fourth of David Geach's diaries describing the final part of his training in Canada. He writes of his service and personal life training as an air bomber. He describes his ground and flying training experiences, social life both in camp and in local…

Top left - street with buildings/shops either side and cars parked at curbs. Top right - view over town with residential houses. Snow on the ground. Bottom left - railroad tracks with steam train coming towards. Commercial buildings beyond tracks.…

View of street running bottom to top with two story buildings either side. There are cars parked on both sides and people on sidewalks and crossing road in the distance. On the reverse 'Swift Current, Nov 1941, Central Ave'.

Charle's RCAF service paper.

Paper certificate presented to H G Warren by the City of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, as remembrance of his time with No.32 Service Training Flying School, RAF, in the city. It is signed by the Deputy Mayor and City Clerk.


26 airmen arranged in three rows in front of an Anson. [or Cessna Crane] It is captioned 'Course 106 Red Section Saskatoon E & F Flights No 4 SFTS August 1944'. It is further captioned with the names of all present.

A montage of aircrew photographs. Course 84 33EFTS, Caron Saskatchewan, Canada, RAF, captioned; “No33 EFTS. Caron, Saskatchewan. Sept ’43”

Thirteen airmen sitting and standing in two rows. Wearing battledress or tunic they all have a number on left chest. In the background left a flight safety poster and notice on the wall. On the reverse names of nine of the personnel in the photograph…


Two photographs, first is formal photograph, 61 individuals posed in thee rows, in front of brick building with large windows. Captioned 'No 38 SFTS RAF Estavan, Saskatchewan, Canada, December 1942.
Second is of 43 aircrew trainees and four staff,…
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