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Stan Waite worked on one of the farms in Scampton in the pre-war years. He stopped his farming job to help with airfield construction when he found out he could more in one day than he earned in a week farming. He watched the first planes arrive…

Les Rutherford was called up for the Army just short of his twenty first birthday. He was in France at the time of Dunkirk and made it to the beach of St Valery where they were under constant bombardment. He and another soldier found a door and…

A sketch map of locations where Bill served in the RAF: Bari, Benghazi, Cairo, Calais, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Karlsruhe, Lille, London, Marseilles, Montmédy, Munich, Naples, Roma, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart, Trieste, Tripoli, Udine, and Venice.

The two men are dressed in khaki.
On the reverse 'Cairo October 1945'.


A full length portrait of Bill in khaki uniform and shorts.
On the reverse 'Cairo 28th Oct '45'.


The two men are dressed in khaki and holding towels.
On the reverse 'Outside Heliopolis Roxy Swimming Pool Cairo 31.10.45. Note!! Thats no shadow on my upper lip!!!'


Geoff grew up in Grimsby and remembers picking a butterfly bomb up and taking it home.

Geoff was born and lived in the same area of Grimsby all his life, at the date of his interview he was 93. The first part of the interview concentrated on his…

Naval personnel standing by the quayside with dockyard machinery in the background. The nose of X and the M Short Singapore flying boats can be seen.

The caption accompanying the photographs reads "5;11;37. 11.00 . HOURS. "


Top left shows a marquee tent with an aircraft behind it.
Centre shows a crane vessel suspending a Short Singapore X on the water. Men can be seen standing on the crane vessel and two men are standing on the aircraft's wings.
Top right shows…

The top photograph shows Canadian Pacific ocean liner S.S. MONTCLARE, Captioned with 16,314 gross tonnage.
The bottom photograph shows a group of RAF personnel in uniform standing in front of a building.
The photographs are accompanied by a…

Robert Sharland’s brother Derek Sharland serving in the Army in Egypt. He is wearing a pair of headphones and holding a microphone. A service vehicle in the background.

Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Sergeant Herbert Ashton Clark from 8 March 1937 to 20 August 1956. Detailing operational posting in Iraq with 70 Squadron. On return to England further training with 215 Squadron. Conversion to the Wellington at…

Pilot's flying log book. One, for Ken Souter. Covering the period from 5 July 1939 to 27 April 1945. Detailing his flying training, operational flying and instructor duties. He was stationed No.43 Elementary and Reserve flying traing School at RAF…

This log book covers the training, operational and post war flying career of Geoffrey Gosney from 2 July 1942 to 12 July 1951. It includes a cartoon of the 426 Squadron crest. Geoffrey flew 31 operations in two tours of duty, 23 of which were night…

Three bareheaded men in open necked desert uniform. Taken outdoors, standing on sand with a military tent to the side. Annotated on the reverse 'Great Bitter Lake August 1942'.


Operational flights undertaken by Geoffrey Gosney between 3 May 1942 and 8 November 1942 in France, Germany, North Africa, Egypt, and Crete for a total of 380.10 hours.

Report on recruiting and reforming squadron including photograph of Flight Lieutenant Mellersh, Mr Proudlove, and Squadron Leader Norman Hayes. Photograph of Group Captain John Cunningham following record breaking flights.

Churchill being received by officers as he leaves a Dakota.

16 airmen arranged in three rows. Underneath each man is named. Richard Kellett is front row, centre.

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A group of air and ground crew,. One man is marked in blue ink. On the reverse is handwritten '[indecipherable] Blenheim Wing in the Western Desert 1941' and is stamped RAF no objection 7 Dec 1941.

An obituary published in the Times with a second cutting with a correction from an air vice-marshal.

His trip to Egypt went well and they are preparing to return to the UK.


Richard is about to depart to Egypt. He hopes to see her in a few weeks.

Tadeusz Jasinski’s Flying Log Book as a wireless operator from 9 May 1941 to 14 October 1945. Carried out training at No. 2 Signal School, 4 Air Observer School (air gunner training) and 18 OTU, Posted to 304 (Polish) squadron for operations in…
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