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An address book kept by Maurice. It includes a list of when he wrote letters.

US Navy and UK aircrew waiting. On the reverse 'Hanging round flight [indecipherable] ready for "hops". '

Four pennants for Jacksonville Beaches, Darr, Cochran and Turner fields.


Man wearing flying helmet and goggles sitting in the rear cockpit of a Stearman Biplane. Captioned 'EH Tansley during training at Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida. Early 1942'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor

An airman wearing tunic and side cap sitting on a suitcase on a pavement by a road. In the background a picket fence, trees and buildings. Submitted with caption 'Don Cameron hitching south at Perry Fl'.

An airman wearing tunic and side cap standing with hand on the muzzle of a canon. Trees in the background. Submitted with caption 'Don Cameron Tallahassee Fl'.

A airman wearing khaki uniform stands sideways against a palm tree. In the background single story barracks. On the reverse 'Carlstrom Filed, Arcadia Florida, USA, 22nd Jan 1942'.


An airman wearing khaki uniform sitting with his bare feet up on a table. In the background windows. Submitted with caption 'Lakeland Florida'.

Title 'Taken in America 1942, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida'.
Top left - an airmen wearing flying jacket, helmet and goggles standing outside a barrack block.
Top right - an airmen wearing flying jacket, helmet and goggles standing leaning…

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a group of seven airmen posing on a beach, annotated 'Matheson Hammock'.
Photo 2 is a head and shoulders portrait of F G Bower.
Photo 3 is two airmen sitting in a chair beside an American flag.

Line of airmen standing at ease wearing flying overalls and helmets in front of a line of Stearman biplanes. Another line of airmen facing the aircraft with parachutes on the ground. Captioned 'Carlsrom Field circa late 1941, British cadets being…

Photo 1 is five airmen in swimming trunks on the beach.
Photo 2 is a beach view with lots of sunbathers.
Photo 3 is eight airmen relaxing on the beach.
Photo 4 is two airmen lying on the beach.
Photo 5 is an airman standing on the beach.
Photo 6…

Royal Canadian Air Force observer’s and air gunner’s log book for Sergeant Albert Victor Ansell from 25 October 1942 to 30 April 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at Pan American Airways navigation school…

Biography of Ernest Tansley's daughter Anne. Writes of background and family. Gives service history of her father including joining, training in England and the United States and eventual posting to 57 Squadron at RAF Scampton. Writes of her memories…

Book given to students training at the Riddle Aeronautical Institute, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida, United States. Starts with some history of institute and airfield. Gives general advice to students, outlines objectives of the course and gives…

Top left - Stearman biplanes in line and taxiing on airfield. One aircraft airborne. Captioned 'The operation strip Carlstrom'.
Top middle - lines of biplanes and a single engine low wing monoplane in the centre al parked on airfield. Captioned…

Top left - view across swimming pool surrounded by palm trees with buildings in the background. Captioned 'Swimming pool, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida'.
Top right - two airmen behind a desk inside a room with window and bunk-bed behind.…

Top - single storey building with patio in front with palm trees. Captioned 'Palm-patio, orchestra shell, dancing squares'.
Bottom left - view down a path towards a single storey building with arched front doorway. Captioned 'Main front to library…

An RAF produced Christmas Card with a photograph of a N3N-1 floatplane. Jack's handwritten message reads 'Wishing you & the family a happy Christmas & all the best in the coming year Jack'.

Buildings inside a diamond shaped pattern of roads. Photo dated on front Nov 1968. On the reverse 'Clewiston, 1968'.

Oblique aerial photograph showing buildings surrounded by diamond shaped pattern of roads with airfield in the middle distance on the right. Photograph dated on front Nov 1968. On the reverse 'Clewiston, 1968 looking SSE'.
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