Cadet's handbook



Cadet's handbook


Book given to students training at the Riddle Aeronautical Institute, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida, United States. Starts with some history of institute and airfield. Gives general advice to students, outlines objectives of the course and gives reasons for the handbook. Explains relationship between instructor and student and describes duties of cadet. Highlights the importance of physical fitness. Describes the preliminary phase of training including principles of flight and controls. Describes parachute and its operation, ground to air signals and cockpit hand signals. The follows explanations of all aspects of a flight including taxiing, take off, in flight activities and landing. Explains flag signals used on aerodrome, stalling, spinning as well as different types of landings and take offs. Provides air traffic rules and procedures. Continues with accuracy phase including manoeuvres, different landing patterns. Goes on to aerobatic phase and check rides. Concludes with first solo certificate and R.A.I. students flight log - filled out with a total of 60 hours.



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One hundred and forty-one page printed book with diagrams, illustrations and photographs. Followed by printed certificate and four printed log book pages with handwritten entries.

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Riddle Aeronautical Institute


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