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A brief biography of Sergeant Charlie Warner (1801861 Royal Air Force)

Top left - view across lake of building in far distance. Captioned 'Lake in grounds of Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, 10.6.44'.
Top left - view across field of trees and building in the distance. Captioned 'Boxted Hall from main road, Essex,…

Two versions of the same strip (b/w and colour) with enlargements of all slides. Slide 1 captioned 1954 on road to Bishop's Stortford-Colchester, at Blue Gate and Gate House of Easton Lodge'. On the left a brick post on side of a road. A wooden fence…

A document written as a Summer Project whilst Aidan was at school. She discusses their early years after her grandparents got married in London. During the war the family moved to Wales for safety.
After the war John, possibly her brother, became a…

A brief description of bombing activity during the war. Starting with the ineffectual early operations to 1000+ bomber operations. He lists some of the operations then details some of the hazards for returning aircraft. After the war Stan took a new…

Details of Sam's operations with 692 squadron, mainly against German cities.
There is a photograph of the squadron arranged in front of two Mosquitoes.

Writes that they have heard nothing of their John and they often think of Hedley. Both he and John went into the fire for their country.

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Letter from David Boldy to his father about working on a farm in Ipswich with Ronnie, but sacking themselves over a labour dispute/strike; now they have moved to another farm near Colchester instead. They visited Felixstowe on a number of occasions.
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