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A Royal Navy vessel exchanges salvos with an enemy ship in the distance. Both are engulfed in flames and plumes of smoke. Shells are exploding in the water near both vessels.

Label reads “9”; signed by the author; caption reads “(3) … Ed…

The searchlight of a Royal Navy vessel casts a yellow beam onto a group of survivors. Some of them are swimming, others are on a raft. In the foreground, a life craft can be seen on the turret on the deck of another ship. A second Royal Navy vessel…

On a clear day, a convoy of seven Regia Marina destroyers is under attack by five Royal Navy vessels on the horizon. Four of the Royal Navy units have been hit and are engulfed in flames while a fifth ship is sailing on the horizon. Explosions are…

A depth charge is exploding near a submarine while the bow of a Royal Navy warship is visible above the water. Three black and white photographs have been pasted onto the painting, depicting submariners in various poses. Some are looking up; one is…

William Barfoot in dress uniform and side cap with white flash is standing outside a house, arm-in-arm with his wife who wears Women’s Auxiliary Air Force uniform. A sailor is on the right hand side; his cap ribbon reads 'HM Patrol Vessels'.


Head and shoulders portrait of three people smiling at the camera; on left a sailor in Royal Navy uniform, in the centre a young woman in blouse and suit jacket and on the right Leading Aircraftsman David Boldy in uniform. He wears a side cap with…

Head and shoulders portrait of three people looking at the camera. On left, Leading Aircraftsman David Boldy in Royal Air Force dress uniform without cap, in centre a young woman in blouse and suit jacket. On right a sailor in Royal Navy uniform…

R Stubbs writes from RAF Scampton to Mr Woolgar informing him that his son has been rescued and is at the Royal Naval Hospital in Portsmouth. He advises that he will be granted leave after he has returned to the squadron.

Chart divided into 11 sections showing 55 aircraft diagrams of British and German bombers, troop carriers, fighters and flying boats as well as British trainers and fleet air arm. Each aircraft has top, side and front quarter views as well as a…

Three quarter length portrait of a soldier, Sydney Nichols, a sailor, Albert Venables and Ron Jones. All three in respective uniforms. On the reverse '1939-40 Ron with Stepbroth Sydney Nicholas (Army) and cousin Albert Venables (Navy)'

Left is a head and shoulders image of a man in Navy uniform looking right. His band read H M Submarines. Caption 'Jimmy, The brother'.

On the right a head and shoulders image of a man in Navy uniform looking half left . Hat band read HMS…


Photograph 1 is of swamp and jungle. Captioned 'Mango swamp (taken from rear balcony)
Photograph 2 is a battleship, captioned 'H.M.S. Norfolk leaves Singapore 1946'.
Photograph 3 is the entrance to No 2 mess Seletar, captioned 'Entarnce to No 2…


Nine photographs taken from the ship looking down on people on the dockside.

Head and shoulders portrait of King George VI in uniform of Admiral of the Fleet. In the background drawn curtains.

Syd Marshall with a sailor. The sailor's hat has 'HMS' on the ribbon, but no ship's name.


Lambeth notebook with daily diary covering 25 to 30 June 1941 during journey from Iceland towards Canada on HMS Ranpura. Followed by account crossing from Greenock, Scotland to Iceland on ship Royal Ulsterman, stopover in Iceland, journey on HMS…

Photograph 1 is of Reginald George Cavalier amongst several loaded bomb trolleys. In the background are trucks and aircraft.
Photographs 2 and 3 are of a group of airmen watching a 4000 lb bomb being lifted on slings. Captioned '1000 lb…

Account of search while on 621 Squadron, RAF East Africa in Wellington JA 259 for survivors of SS Tarifa sunk in mid ocean 13 March 1944. Found a boat and raft, fixed position and dropped water cans. Stayed with boat throughout the afternoon and…

Order of Service - hymns, psalms and blessings.


Magazine containing foreword by the Queen of the Netherlands as well as: news about war progress; the Dutch Royal family; European resistance movements; why the German Blitzkrieg on Russia failed; Dutch flyers; church resistance; Malta surviving air…

Signal indicating bomb jettison areas agreed with Royal Navy. On the reverse some calculations.


Fragments of document Intelligence School 9 entitled ‘Warning against giving Information about your escape or how you evaded capture’ Gives rules about safeguarding information. Signed by F/O CR Godfrey 146099 635 Squadron. Dated 2 September…

Brown card wallet/photo holder with folded document IS9 inside, outside of wallet with impressed wording and close up of wording '[...] Promenade, Blackpool'.

Histories of twelve Tiger Moth aircraft flown by Denis Clyde Smith while undergoing ab-initio training at Sywell.
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