Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 1



Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 1


On a clear day, a convoy of seven Regia Marina destroyers is under attack by five Royal Navy vessels on the horizon. Four of the Royal Navy units have been hit and are engulfed in flames while a fifth ship is sailing on the horizon. Explosions are causing turbulence in the water and a large area of water has turned brown. In the foreground, the Vivaldi is firing shells from the artillery on deck, creating flames and smoke. Crew members can be seen on deck and plumes of black smoke are rising from the main funnel.

Label reads “54”; caption reads “1 IL DRAMMA DEL C.C.T.T. “VIVALDI” 15 GIUGNO 1942 CANALE DI SICILIA. Gli incrociatori “Eugenio di Savoia” e “Montecuccoli” con i caccia Vivaldi – Malocello – Oriani – Ascari – Premuda, erano usciti alla ricerca del convoglio inglese che tentava di forzare il Canale di Sicilia. Era una lunga catena di caccia e un buon numero di piroscafi 3 incrociatori e 15 C.C.T.T. l’ammiraglio Da Zara comandante la VIIo divisione ordinò al Vivaldi e al Malocello di gettarsi sulla coda della formazione inglese. Erano le 5.54 i 2 CCTT SI gettarono all’attacco a tutta forza, aprendo il fuoco dai complessi da 120 la distanza diminuisce vertiginosamente 18.000 metri 16.000 metri.. 14.000 metri un CCTT inglese il 3o della formazione e colpito. Il mare ribolliva sotto quell‘uragano di ferro e di fuoco, 12.000 metri 10.000 metri 8000 metri 7000 metri si sparava quasi bruciapelo, 6500 più 6300…6000…”

Caption translates as: “1 – The Tragedy of the destroyer “Vivaldi”. 15 June 1942, Strait of Sicily. The cruisers “Eugenio of Savoia” and “Montecuccoli”, together with the destroyers Vivaldi, Malocello, Oriani, Ascari, and Premuda, went in pursuit of the British convoy that was trying to force the Strait of Sicily. It was a long line of destroyers and steamers; three cruisers, and fifteen destroyers. Da Zara, admiral of the Seventh Division , ordered the Vivaldi and Malocello to attack the rear end of the British flotilla. At 5.54 am, the two destroyers attacked all out, opening fire from the 120mm batteries. The distance decreased steeply: 18,000 metres, 16,000 metres… 14,000 metres. One of the British destroyers, the third in the line, was hit. The sea foamed below the devastation above, 12,000 metres, 10,000 metres, 8,000 metres, 7,000 metres; salvoes were shot at point-blank, 6,500, then 6,300… 6,000…”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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