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A half length portrait of the three men. Josef Staniewski is on the right, Reg is in the middle.

Josef is holding Dusky the dog with the other four behind him.
On the reverse is a message in Polish.

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The two are standing at the entrance to Reg's house.


The three are standing at the entrance to the Sharlot's house.


Reg and Ella standing in their garden.


All three are lying on the grass in a garden.


The three are standing outside Reg and Ella's house in Coventry


Seven photographs on a page.
#1, 2 and 6 are the funeral at Newark.
#1 is annotated 'Funeral at Newark (Ella & Reg 2nd and 3rd from right)'.
#3 is Józef and Ella standing in the back garden of 12 Browning Road Coventry and is annotated.
#4 is…

Four photographs on a page.
#1 and 2 are head and shoulders portraits of Josef.
#3 is a half length portrait of three airmen, annotated 'L-R ? Reg Sharlot Josef'.
#4 is a half length portrait of four airmen and Ella, annotated 'L-R Dusky, Josef ?…


Detailing Tommie's discharge from the Royal Army Service Corps on 21 August 1940, with the rank of corporal, as his services were no longer required, Provides personal details and confirms his participation with the British Expeditionary Force.

Alan writes thanking his parents for sending newspapers. His squadron is about to move to Germany. They had a large farewell party.

Alan writes that he has arrived at Melabrook, Brussels. Food is excellent and the girls that do the cooking are pleasant.

Left page: top right, four army cadets standing to attention outside a tent. Four images of a boy, annotated 'Ricky'.
Right page, head and shoulder portraits of Ricky.

Reports of a visit by the Queen Mother.

Left page: top, the Luftpost, numbers 10 and 18.
Middle, left report of an aircraft landing on a car.
Middle centre, woman holding a baby, reports of engagements and births of babies.
Bottom left, report of the death of Lieutenant Geoffrey William…

Stan Waite worked on one of the farms in Scampton in the pre-war years. He stopped his farming job to help with airfield construction when he found out he could more in one day than he earned in a week farming. He watched the first planes arrive…

Les Rutherford was called up for the Army just short of his twenty first birthday. He was in France at the time of Dunkirk and made it to the beach of St Valery where they were under constant bombardment. He and another soldier found a door and…

Interview in two parts.
Part one.
Chris Allison served as a flight engineer. He answers questions from school children about what it was like to fly in a Lancaster.
Also taking part in this interview was Tony Bradley who was a child in Hull…

Six photographs and a Certificate.
#1 is the group photograph, the signatures have been identified.
Arthur is back row, second left.
#2 is a squadron photograph with Arthur in the front row, sixth left. A typewritten caption reads 'RAF…

The six are in a row with their arms linked.

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SSmithRW425992v10005-0004 copy.pdf
A booklet with advice for new officers.

PSmithRW23020001 copy.jpg
Three similar photographs of two soldiers leaning on a porch fence.
#1 Noel Hooper and Bob Smith
#2 Noel Hooper and John Honeyman
#3 Bob Smith and John Honeyman

An airman in a Sidcot suit, a WAAF, a second airman, an ATS, a soldier and a naval officer. The six are standing in front of a house.
On the reverse 'Hampstead. April 1942. Embarkation Leave'.

Notes for soldiers and airmen returning home by road. It details the towns that they will pass through, starting at Villach in Austria and ends in Calais. There is a map of the route.
On the last page the times of departure and arrival are recorded.

A military parade featuring camels in front of military buildings. On the reverse 'Camel Corps (Aden Levee's) King's Birthday (1934)'.
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