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A list of 14 names and addresses, most in England but two in Canada.

He apologises for not having written before but is pleased that Abdul (Ronnie) is again fit to fly. He reports that Freddie is in Switzerland and is doing well.

He tells Abdul (Ronnie) that he has been flying around. He asks after his wife, Dolly and the children.

He apologises for not writing. He has passed a medical and can fly again but only in the UK.


Long poem/song addressed to fledgling aircrew under training.

Detailed operation order from group to 102, 77, 10, 158, 466, 640, 76, 78, 51 and 578 Squadrons with numbers of aircraft required. Target "Whitebait". Gives detailed instructions, routes, bomb loads, wave orders, fuel loads, window carriage, routeā€¦

Gives account of action of Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer, 109 Squadron leading to award of Victoria Cross. Aircraft seen spiralling down in flames after attack on Cologne.

Informs him that his son was reported to have lost his life. as a result of air operations on 24 December 1944.
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