Page 33 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook



Page 33 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook
Visit to RAF Coningsby Tuesday 16th September 2014 the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Centre


A montage of four photographs and one sketch map relating to Denis' visit to the centre.

Photo 1 - an aerial photograph of Coningsby with arrows showing the location of the Main Guard Room and the arrival gate.

Item 2 - a location diagram showing RAF Coningsby and local roads from Lincoln, Boston, Grantham and Newark.

Photo 3 and 4 are of Denis and Flt. Lt. Jim Stokes at a coffee bar in the centre. Caption: 'Flt Lt Jim Stokes, who spent the day showing us around, in the squadron headquarters organising morning drinks with me.'

Photo 5 is Denis and Squadron Leader Duncan Mason at the same coffee bar. Caption: 'Talking to Squadron Leader Duncan Mason, Commanding Officer to RAF Coningsby who is a pilot and flew the Spitfire in the demonstration.'

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One montage of four colour photographs and one map on an album page


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