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Two airmen working on the nose of a Halifax. Nose art is visible, including a cartoon rabbit and 'Yehudi'.

It is captioned '"Yehudi" Halifax V DK-226 coded ZL-Y 427 Squadron 6 Group RCAF Leeming Yorkshire 1943'.

This item was sent to the IBCC…

William's pass card and a photograph of ten airmen.
RAF Form 295A issued to William containing details of his temporary leave.
The photograph is captioned 'Aircrew and Erks' and has ten men in two groups in front of a hangar.

RAF Form 295A issued to William to allow him leave whilst at 54MU. Captioned 'On to 54.MU later to be demobbed'.

A biography with details of all of his life. He joined the RAF in 1940 and worked as ground crew.

Titled ‘Our Wedding 1st December 1945’. William Coulton is in uniform tunic. The bride is wearing a hat, dark suit and skirt and is carrying a floral bouquet.

Wedding group of three men and three women. The groom is in Royal Air Force uniform, the bride and bridesmaid are holding floral bouquets. The two non-uniformed men and the woman at the far left are all wearing flowers in their lapel.

Page caption: 'Middleton St George 1941'

Photograph 1 is of eight airmen under the nose of a Whitley. Captioned 'Pilot Sgt B. Jones with his Ground Crew, Whitley. A/C.'

Photograph 2 is of a sergeant pilot wearing a flying helmet and pointing to…

Aircraft on the ground, engines running, entrance door open, tradesmen clustered around the door and others walking around aircraft. Aircraft serial M7213, squadron letter 58-E, the postcard is captioned Dishforth 1941. Single storey building and…

PSmithRW23020011 copy.jpg
Five photographs.
#1 and 4 are the same. Eight men standing under the front of their Wellington.
#2 Six airmen at the rear gun turret, One of the men is sat in the turret.
#3 Six airmen under the port engine of their Wellington.
#5 Seven airmen…

A front view of a Wellington. Two ground crew are examining a damaged port tyre. The starboard tyre also appears to be damaged. Two other men are engaged in a discussion.
On the reverse '775 having pre-flight befor [sic] leaving Asmara, Eritrea.…

14 airmen arranged in two rows in front of a Wellington. They are dressed casually in tropical kit, some topless. 23 operations are marked on the nose of the Wellington.
This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no…

Photo 1 is a mechanic working on a starboard engine with four men looking on.
Photo 2 is two groundcrew pushing the port main wheel.
Photo 3 is two groundcrew loading a bomb.
Photo 4 is two groundcrew pushing a bomb trolley.

Wellington HE968, starboard side, on the ground. Nine ground crew are underneath.

A Wellington with a fared over nose being inspected by two airmen. Two more airmen are in discussion on the right. The main wheels appear damaged. On the reverse 'Asmara. Eritrea. Pre-flight Inspection'.

A description of what happened before and during and operation. The battle order was posted, the crew checked over their aircraft, the bomb load was planned, the crew received their briefing, dinner was eaten (bacon and eggs), they dressed,…

Title 'RAF Goose Bay Labrador Canada, C.O. Wing Commander Ron Redding, the only unit to wear K.D. and artic clothing'.
Top - squadron photograph of airmen wearing tropical uniform sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Vulcan,
Bottom -…

Five Venturas parked in a row, many airmen standing around, on reverse '21 Squadron Venturas and groundcrew - Feb 1943'. Sixth from the left is Leading Aircraftsman Herbert John Nassau ( 1920-1969).

Album page with four photographs: - one of bomber crew de-briefing, sergeant in foreground in RAF uniform with USA shoulder flash, Flight Sergeant with Australia shoulder flash. - two photographs of Typhoon with 609 Squadron code PR, with servicing…

A large group of airmen and ground crew arranged in four rows in front of a hangar. On the ground is a covering of snow.

Two versions of the same photograph. Two men wearing battledress stand each holding one of the guns of the rear turret of a bomber. On the reverse of the first photo 'L - R Stan Jeffrey - Cpl?'.

Two men wearing battledress stand each holding one of the guns of the rear turret of a bomber.

Two versions of the same photograph. Two men in uniform sitting on a bomb trolley behind the port wing of a Halifax. On the reverse of the first photograph 'L - R Stan Jeffrey - Eric Pinnock, bombing up for night op 1942'.

Two Lancasters about to depart with ground crews waving them off.

Two Lancasters with engines running are being waved off by a group of ground crew. The nearer Lancaster is ED860 QR-N and the farther one is ED588 VN-G. Both have nose art depicting many operations.
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