Whitleys at Middleton St George 1941



Whitleys at Middleton St George 1941


Page caption: 'Middleton St George 1941'

Photograph 1 is of eight airmen under the nose of a Whitley. Captioned 'Pilot Sgt B. Jones with his Ground Crew, Whitley. A/C.'

Photograph 2 is of a sergeant pilot wearing a flying helmet and pointing to the underside of an aircraft. It is is signed 'To Reg, with every best wish Bernard Jones 'Aussie' 29/7/41'.

Photographs 3, 4 and 5 are of a crashed Whitley, largely intact with bent propeller blades. Captioned 'Sgt Jones crashed Whitley A/C on the Yorkshire Moors returning from a night bombing rad on Germany. Aug.1941.'

Photograph 6 is a cartoon of a boomerang with Hitler hanging underneath. Captioned: 'The 'Mascot' on Sgt Jones Whitley A/C painted by Me, July 1941.'

Photographs 7 and 8 are of five airmen in front of a Whitley 'T'. Captioned 'Pilot Sgt B. Jones (Aussie) with his Air Crew, Whitley A/C.'



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Seven b/w photographs and one cartoon on an album page


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