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Low level oblique aerial photograph showing large bright explosions in the centre with a building to its left. Another building further left appears to be on fire. On the reverse 'Cam 2, Ops 142, Daylight/Night attack on La Ricamerie, Date 10/11-3…

Top - air-to-air view of five Lancasters in light paint scheme in formation.
Bottom left - air-to-air view of two Lancasters in formation over water.
Bottom middle - side view of Lancaster squadron letters TL in front of a hangar.
Bottom right…

Night oblique aerial photograph showing a town with flares top centre. On the reverse 'Cam 1, Neg 1, 10.4.44, 150, St Cyr Airpark, 617,S/Lfr Munro, Lancaster, 0200,orbiting,10000/6000'.

Two items from a photo album.
Item 1 is a newspaper cutting about 75 Squadron, dated 1943.
Item 2 is a vertical aerial photograph taken during a training exercise, annotated ' C.1. N.U. 10-3-45 F7" F/Lt Guinane' and captioned ' "G.H." Simulated…

Photograph 1 and 2 are sequential vertical aerial photographs of the marshalling yards at Arras. They are partly obscured by smoke. They are numbered 5018 and 5017 and captioned 'RS 636 88 30.APR44//D14" → 10,000'Z'. Captioned: '30 April 1944,…

Photograph 1 is of 48 trainee airmen arranged in 4 rows.
Photograph 2 is a squadron plaque with 'Target for Tonight 1939 [crest] 19?? and There's Always Bloody Something'. It is captioned '3rd Dec 1943 "9" Squadron 22nd May 1944'.
Photograph 3 is a…

Oblique aerial photograph of a hangar with buildings attached and tower behind. In the distance behind houses. On the reverse 'A. V. Roe & Co Ltd, Experimental Station, Hamble, 1917 - 28, Crescent Studios, Fareham Hants, Neg No 21103 [...] 4,…

In the distance at the top wooded low hills. In the centre a city with many multistory buildings. A third of the way up a tree line boulevard runs from left to right with some large detached buildings on the near side. At the bottom centre parkland…

City landscape with a large number of multistory buildings. A railway runs from top left to centre top with some wagons on the left end, Two streets run slightly diverging from the bottom towards the top either side of which are number of damaged and…

Vertical aerial photograph of Aachen. The ground is obscured by bombs, smoke and anti-aircraft fire. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and '624 WKY 11/12-4-44 // NT 8” 21000’ [arrow] 070° 22.46 Aachen L 11 x 1000 3 x 500 29secs P/O Black J12’

Aerial vertical photograph of town with canals and marshalling yard. A river/canal runs from mid left slanting down initially and then right across to the right hand side. In the middle another canal splits off upwards then goes right to middle right…

Aerial vertical photograph of a marshalling yard running from left slanting down to the right. The yard has a large number of goods wagons and locomotives spread throughout. To the top right is open countryside. There are bomb explosions at the…

The first photograph is an aerial photograph looking at cirrus and convection cumulous clouds. Captioned ' Above the clouds. Cirrus & Convection Cumulous'. The second is a low angle aerial photograph of Collingwood, Ontario. The town and its docks…

An oblique aerial photograph of Aden. On the reverse 'Aerial view of Aden, showing the NAAFI Lido and Sapper's Bay.'

Three oblique aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is a view of a coast with a causeway.
#2 is a rocky coast with a lighthouse.
#3 is scattered settlements with small fields.

Three oblique aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is a peninsula or island.
#2 is a coastline.
#3 is a bridge crossing a river.

Two aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is an oblique aerial image of a farm with orchards.
#2 is a near vertical image of a coastline.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is an aerial view of a snow covered hill side.
#2 is a snow covered forest.
#3 is an aerial view of an airfield and surrounding farms.
#4 is a lake set in a forest. The tail fin of the aircraft is visible.

Four aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is a view across forests and a town.
#2 is a city, islands and bridges.
#3 is a pilot at the controls of an aircraft.
#4 is a grid street with a river under the wing of an aircraft.
Captioned 'MAR 1942'…

Four aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is a city with a river.
#2 is a city at the side of a river.
#3 is a city with a regular grid street pattern and a river under the wing of an aircraft.
#4 is Montreal with three bridges crossing the St…

Three photographs and copies plus One Mess Card from an album.
Photo 1 is an aerial photograph of Hamburg. On the reverse is '440'.
Photo 2 is an aerial photograph of a bombed city. On the reverse is '440'.
A mess card for RAF Chedburgh,…

Four oblique aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is a city with a bridge crossing a frozen river and another bridge leading to a small island.
#2 is two bridges, Honor Mercier, crossing the St Lawrence river.
#3 is the Jacques Cartier bridge…

A low level oblique aerial photograph of Berlin and the River Spree, showing extensive damage to the city and Hugo-Preuß-Brücke.

An aerial view of Canadian countryside from a biplane. The wings can be seen on the right side of the image. On the reverse 'The Fleet takes me over Canada's vast countryside. Stanley EFTS July 42'.
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