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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1945-03-27"

Account of 10 ton bomb attack on U-boat shelters at Farge and another attack on Konigsborn and Sachsen benzol plants. Benzol plants and Hamm is underlined. Captioned '27.3.45'.


A note giving brief details of the operation, a newspaper cutting relevant to the operation, and a photograph of Lancaster PO-Y sitting at the end of a runway about to take off.

Target photograph of Farge. Partly rural and wooded with both banks of the Weser, roads settlements and field patterns visible. Captioned ‘3’, ‘4908 SKELL. 27.3.45/8” 16800 055’ 1302 FARGE.P. 14MC1000(Minol)ID. C.33secs. S/L…

Target photograph of Farge. Partly rural and wooded but with industrial structures including oil storage tanks. Roads and field patterns visible. Captioned '3[degree]s F', '4B', '4912 Skell.27.3.45//8" 16200 050° 1303 FARGE.R. 14MC1000(Minol)LD.…

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks appear in the bottom right corner of the photograph. Captioned '5/B' and, '4450 BRN 27/28.3.45//NT8" 21500 262 2128.30 Berlin A 3MC500DT 1M500LD C 37½ secs…
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