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Pilot’s log book for J A Kell covering the period from 4 May 1942 to 2 October 1946. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, including assessment certificates and course syllabus. Notes include references to a 1000 bomber operation,…

Lists thirteen sorties 16-28 on Lancaster of 75 Squadron as air gunner. Records eight wartime operations and five after the end of hostilities.

Navigation calculations and a chart for operation to Bremerhaven.

Notes persona details and hours flown day and night on 115 Squadron at RAF Witchford. Lists operation to Kiel, Potsdam, Gelsenkirchen, Karmen, Bruchstrasse, Munster, Hamm and Heligoland. List sorties on Operation Manna at the Hague and Exodus with…

Account of 10 ton bomb attack on U-boat shelters at Farge and another attack on Konigsborn and Sachsen benzol plants. Benzol plants and Hamm is underlined. Captioned '27.3.45'.

A note giving brief details of the operation, a newspaper cutting relevant to the operation, and a photograph of Lancaster PO-Y sitting at the end of a runway about to take off.

Target photograph of Farge. Partly rural and wooded with both banks of the Weser, roads settlements and field patterns visible. Captioned ‘3’, ‘4908 SKELL. 27.3.45/8” 16800 055’ 1302 FARGE.P. 14MC1000(Minol)ID. C.33secs. S/L…

Target photograph of Farge. Partly rural and wooded but with industrial structures including oil storage tanks. Roads and field patterns visible. Captioned '3[degree]s F', '4B', '4912 Skell.27.3.45//8" 16200 050° 1303 FARGE.R. 14MC1000(Minol)LD.…

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks appear in the bottom right corner of the photograph. Captioned '5/B' and, '4450 BRN 27/28.3.45//NT8" 21500 262 2128.30 Berlin A 3MC500DT 1M500LD C 37½ secs…

Notes that he was posted to 50 Squadron on 2nd November 1944. Then lists 29 operations flown by Lancaster crew including Gordon Catling from Royal Air Force Skellingthorpe between November 1944 and April 1945. First operation flown as co-pilot on…
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