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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-03-28"

The Log Book runs from 20 August 1940 until 10 March 1944.
The first flight is recorded at No 7 EFTS , Desford flying in the Tiger Moth, he remained there until 28 September when he moved to No 12 SFTS flying in the Anson. In January 1941 Harold…

Target photograph of Lubeck, annotated NS 6/5 Dupe Neg No 243, 1 JY19NT28/29 .3.42 F8 TX.

Writes that he had received news of Rosser and letter was attempt relieve browned off feelings. Comments that his course would shortly be over and he could leave that awful place and hopes he could join Rosser at his Operational Training Unit Tells…

Twenty-seven airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in three rows in front of a building with bay windows and a door. On the reverse 'Squad 538, Squadron 4, Flight E, Wing 2, R.C. 15, 28/3/42'.


Head and shoulders portrait of two airmen wearing tunics and side caps. Annotated with Don and Ken Camerons' signatures. Submitted with caption 'Brothers Don and Ken Cameron, March 28, 1942'

Pilot’s flying log book for Harold Yeoman covering the period from 18 November 1940 to 7 November 1942. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Sywell (6 EFTS), RCAF Moose Jaw (32 SFTS), RAF Bassingbourn (11…

Pilots flying log book for W E Lucas, covering the period from 7 November 1940 to 18 February 1946. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Derby, RAF Montrose, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Honington,…

Reports arrival of six letters from him that week and gives dates sent. Relates sad news that friend was reported missing in Malaya and that the news had led to the death of another friend. Writes of the subsequent funeral and other plans. Glad to…

Writes of weather and melting snow. Reminisces on past events. Philosophises on need for tolerance, courage and confidence of young causing anxiety amongst elders. Catches up with other correspondence and passes on news. Says she is going to send…

Peter Lamprey writes that he is back on Tiree and reminds friends that he told them his leave was cancelled. He states that this recent move had curtailed his plans for a great night out in Inverness. He concludes with some banter. The letter has…

The SS Galilea has been torpedoed on its starboard side. A large explosion has caused flames to engulf the craft and black smoke is billowing upwards. Large waves are evident around the ship. Two other ships are sailing away towards the horizon, one…
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