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Half length image of two men and a woman standing in line. In the middle an RAAF officer wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet, medal ribbons, pathfinder badge and peaked cap, holding gloves. On the left a woman wearing coat and hat and on the…

Peter Isaacson biography relating to him surviving two tours in Bomber Command and then to being asked take a Lancaster to Australia westabout and describing his journey. Continues with early life moving to Australia, being selected for RAAF aircrew…

Certificate of service and discharge from RAAF as a Flight Sergeant, was issued when John was commissioned on 29 November 1944.

A message from thee Lady Mayoress of Melbourne on the news of Germany's unconditional surrender.

Newly qualified aircrew parading in Melbourne before they were posted to their duty stations. Eric is in the middle of the second row of sergeants.

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Sign held up by his family to greet Eric on the Melbourne docks on his repatriation to Australia after 19 months away in Britain. The sign reads 'Eric Arthur "You Beaut" Here we are'.

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View from ship of double deck pier crowded with people. Two gangways ready to be lowered. Captioned 'Princes Pier, Melbourne, Jan 3rd 1946'.

Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and peaked cap. Captioned 'W/O Steve Downes (Melbourne) Wireless Operator'.

The news-sheet covers the return of prisoners of war and issues that they will face, POW letters from the Far East, Prisoners and Parliament, Camp visits by the YMCA, Prison Camps as schools of Citizenships, Next-of-kin Parcels, International Red…

News-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the large Canadian reunion of 1985 at Calgary, the Annual Dinner at Lords, Recco report of ex-POW activities, requests for help, Alan Bryett's lectures, the Association's AGM and annual…

The letter advises Mrs Cahir that because her son is now reported as a prisoner of war then payments will continue without review.

The letter informs Mrs Cahir of payments that will be made to her son whilst he is missing.

The message advises Mrs Cahir that her son is very well and uninjured.

The message advises Mrs Cahir that her son's address is Stalag Luft 3 and his number is 267500.

The message advises Mrs Cahir that her son has been reported as a prisoner of war by the International Red Cross.

The telegram informs Mrs Cahir that her son is missing in action during an operation at Frankfurt.

The letter accompanies Jim's Certificate of Service and Discharge.


The letter refers to Jim Cahir being reported missing. It explains events on the night he went missing and explains that his personal effects will be carefully stored.

The letter refers to Jim Cahir's personal effects which will be kept in storage until his release from prisoner of war camp.

The letter accompanies a letter from Jim's commanding officer.

The letter informs Mrs Cahir that her son is a prisoner of war.

Nine postcards from Jim Cahir to his mother and brother, Pat.

Airgraph from Flight Sergeant Jim Cahir to his mother and brothers. He writes that he has chilblains, about the weather, and asking if they send a parcel it should be a food parcel and quoting an extract from a German paper criticising the American…

Airgraph from Flight Sergeant Jim Cahir to his mother and brothers. He writes about the camp’s preparations for Christmas, about four thousand parcels arriving from the Red Cross, the food they will be preparing with their saved rations and having…
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