Message to Mothers and Wives



Message to Mothers and Wives


A message from thee Lady Mayoress of Melbourne on the news of Germany's unconditional surrender.



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[underlined] 10 – ARGUS, WED, MAY 9/45 [/underlined]

Message to Mothers And Wives

The reaction of Victorian women to the news of Germany’s unconditional surrender is epitomised in a message from Mrs Beatrice Campbell, Lady Mayoress of Melbourne. Mrs Campbell has not only seen much of the suffering brought about by the war as she has gone about in her official capacity, but, as the mother of two sons in the services, one of whom is a prisoner in Japanese hands, she knows the reactions of the many thousands of Australian women whose menfolk are still on service.
Mrs Campbell writes:
“As we rejoice today, our first thought must be humble thankfulness to our Divine Leader, who has brought us through to the fulfilment of His promise that if we believe in Him we shall be saved. The frightful struggle in Europe has ended, and as a mother given this honoured position, I send a message to all Victorian women. Though your dear ones will now be free, remember your friends and neighbours have husbands and sons still in enemy hands. I ask of you one and all to let your hearts be full of rejoicing for our great Empire, but this is the time for measured calmness, the time when women can show the true value of friendship, one for the other helping those women whose sons will never return, remembering those glorious young lives given that this V Day could be made possible. Let us not be carried away with wild excitement. There have been too many tears, too many broken homes in all countries. We must face the future with added strength and belief that every little bit we can do individually and collectively will help to build up our war-shattered world. Let us face this great day with joyous calmness.”


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