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A head and shoulders portrait of Alec Pyle in uniform with pilot's brevet.

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Seven airmen wearing battledress with brevet, three sitting on a bench and four standing behind. Pilot is sitting centre. Three of the airmen standing have significant medal ribbons displayed, particularly the AG second from right. In the background…

A airman wearing battledress standing leaning on a fence in a village surrounded by buildings. In the background, two other men sitting at a table and further back a steep mountainside.

Target photograph of Argenta, target photograph of Verona, sortie report Innsbruck marshalling yards, sortie report Trento marshalling yards, sortie report Villach marshalling yards, sortie report Vicenza marshalling yards, sortie report supply drop,…

Document with sortie report for operations to Bruck marshalling yards, unidentified target photograph, unidentified (unreadable) sorties report with target photograph, Trento choke point sortie report with with target photograph, and Argenta troop…

Twenty men sitting and standing in three rows. Three men appear to be wearing battledress, all the others wear civilian jacket and tie. In the background a building on the left and trees.

Copies of target photographs of Trento and Verona. Both previously reported as separate items.

Copies of target photographs of Vicenza and Trento.

Copies of target photographs of Innsbruck and Freilassing.

Two target photographs of Argenta and Padua.
Padua captioned '104/71 12/13 Mar 45 F8//8200 - 28 14.50 Padua, W 4x1000, 8x500 Mk III 22 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) P.'.

Copies of target photographs of Brück and possibly Fiume (Rijeka).
Fiume captioned '2615 104/60 16 Feb 45 F8//12500ft > 14.32 G A Fiume'.
Fiume was before Powell stated operations on 104 Squadron.

Copies of target photographs of Brescia and supply drop at Crnomelj.

Top left - airman wearing battledress standing by gate in wooden fence with house in the background. Captioned '?'. Top left/centre - man wearing civilian jacket and tie by the fuselage of a York. Captioned 'Postwar ? Cosford'. Top right/centre -…

Top left - large group of airmen wearing battledress posing in front of a B-24. Captioned 'Don't know, early lib with front turret, UK Sqdn? Blue uniform'.
Top centre - man holding sheet in sailing boat. Captioned 'on Lake Timsa, 45'.
Top right -…

Top left - seven aircrew wearing battledress with brevet, three sitting on bench and four standing behind. Captioned 'We band of brothers'. Top right - airman wearing flying helmet in right hand seat of cockpit. Captioned 'Skipper please let me have…

Top left - B-24 parked on airfield, captioned '104 a/c Foggia 45'. Top right - air-to-air view looking down on B-24 with bombs falling. Captioned 'Bomb hit B-24 but plane survives, not our plane, taken in 44'. Middle left - three airmen two wearing…

Target photograph showing open countryside and smoke in centre. Captioned '2789 104/86 2/3 Apr 45 F8 NT//9,500 ft, Trento, E 2x1000, 10x500 MkIII 23 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) S.'.

Target photograph showing town streets and explosions centre and bottom centre. Captioned '2698 104/71 11/12 Mar 45 F8 NT//8000 ft 240 degrees Verona, D 4x1000, 8x500 Mk III 22 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) P.'.

Target photograph showing town and explosions in centre. Captioned '2852 104/92 10/11 Apr 45 F8 NT//15,900 ft > 329 degrees 21,461/2 Innsbruck, A 2x1000, 10x500 MkIII 32 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) D.'.

Target photograph showing explosion left. Captioned '2769 104/83 25/26 Mar 45 F8 NT//9,820 ft >234 20.29 Villach, D 12x500 (INC) MkIII 20 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) T.'.

Target photograph showing town streets and explosion top centre. Captioned '2801 104/88 4/5 Apr 45 F8 NT//10,600 ft Brescia, B 2x1000, 8x500 Mk III 25 (F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) S.'.

Target photograph showing countryside with roads. Tracer lines in top half. Captioned '2829 104/90 8/9 Apr 45 F8 NT//9,500 ft Trento, F 2x1000, 10x500 Mk III 23 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A), S.'.

Target photograph showing fields in top half with straight lines running top left to middle right. Tracer lines in bottom left and explosions left and right bottom. Captioned '2890 104/94 12/13 Apr 45, F8 NT//6,800 ft > Argenta, E 2x1000, 10x500 Mk…

Target photograph showing tracer lines and explosion. Captioned '2716, 104/76 18/19 Mar 45. F8 NT//9300 > Vicenza, C 4x1000, 8x500 KkIII 24, F?O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) P.'.
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