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Head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant Harold Ernest Wakefield wearing tunic with flight engineer's brevet.

A large group of airmen wearing variety of uniform sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Lancaster.

Full length image of an RAF officer standing wearing khaki uniform and peaked cap. In the background tropical trees and foliage.

Top left - photograph of a Tallboy bomb. Main photograph of a Lancaster dropping a Grand Slam bomb. Text explains photograph is of a 22,000 lb bomb leaving rack during attack on a viaduct at Arnsberg, Germany.

Notes that Harold Wakefield was engaged on special duties dropping the new 1--ton bomb. Notes he had done 58 operational flights and volunteered for his third tour. Stated he was previously awarded DFC and gives some personal details. Includes b/w…

Pamphlet with b/w photograph of airman looking at aircraft models on stands on a table. Rear cover has RAF badge and roundel.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Pamphlet with b/w photograph of students at desk in classroom with instructor by blackboards. RAF badge and roundel on the back cover.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Pamphlet with b/w image of a crew round a table in low light. Wings and roundel on back cover.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Seven aircrew all wearing Mae West and parachute harnesses standing by, or on, a ladder in front of the starboard inner engine of a Halifax. Accompanied by note reading '51 Squadron 1943, Self, Sgt Curtis W/Op, Sgt Moronay - bomb aimer, Sgt Gracey -…

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap.


White Commonwealth war graves headstone for Sergeant A J Dickerson wireless operator air gunner, 28 January 1942. Submitted with caption 'Grave marker Rechswald Cemetery'.

Cross with 030296 Sgt A J Dickerson RAF, 28.1.42. Submitted with caption 'First grave marker Reichswald Cemetery'. On the reverse 'Re-interred Reichswald Forest Mil Cem, plot XI, Row B, Gr No 18'.

Head and shoulders portrait of Alfred Dickerson wearing tunic and side cap.

Notes that Sergeant Alfred James Dickerson had been posted as missing following an operation over Germany. Gives some personal details and note he was due to be married. Photograph alongside.

29 airmen including Jack, arranged in four row in front of a corrugated iron building.

14 trainees, including Jack, arranged in three rows. On the reverse 'Could only get one of these - show it to the folks. Thanks darling. Serious mood - eh!'

A group of 50 trainees and officers arranged in five rows at stone steps.

A group of trainee airmen marching in The Links, St Andrews. Rusacks Hotel partially visible on the right.

Identification kindly provided by Alastair Disley of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group.

Nine airmen, including Jack, standing on a stone stairway at the back of Rusacks Hotel, St. Andrews. They are dressed in Sidcot suits, flying boots and flying helmets.

Identification kindly provided by Stefan Clarke, Colin Patchett and Emma Vick…

A squadron leader sitting at a desk.

Seven airmen standing in front of wooden huts.

23 trainees arranged in three rows.
On the front is scratched '322'.

A half length portrait of Jack in civilian clothes.

A head and shoulders of Jack in Police uniform. On the front is handwritten 'To Dave from Jack'.
There is a second almost identical photograph.

Nine sailors lined up behind a bar named 'Hinky Dink Bar'. On the reverse 'Tom in Navy'.

Tom Jones, Jack’s younger brother, is second left.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.
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