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A group of seven airmen arranged in two rows, the front row seated, the back standing. Sergeant Joseph Wilson is front row, far left.

A half-length portrait of David Storey whilst training. He is wearing a side cap with a white flash. Handwritten is 'All my love, Dave'.

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Five airmen wearing greatcoats and caps standing with a horse. David Joseph is on the right.


Seven aircrew, six standing, one seated, in front of Lancaster, V, on an airfield dispersal. All the men are in flying suits and boots. Behind the crew, under the aircraft, can be seen one other man in uniform. Nose art with head and shoulders of a…

Head and shoulder studio portrait of a pilot, smiling. He is half turned to the right, with head facing the camera. A pilot's brevet is visible.

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Head and shoulder studio portrait of Alan Ramsbottom, in uniform. On the reverse 'Alan Ramsbottom, Sergeant 1482867, Air Gunner 57 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Died Tuesday 20th March 1945, Age 22'.

Head and shoulder studio portrait of Homfray Reece Gibbon, in uniform, showing air gunner brevet and sergeant stripes. On the reverse 'Homfrey Reece Gibbon, Sergeant 1817726, Air Gunner?, 166 Sqdn, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Died Saturday…

Seven aircrew, six seated on bomb trolley, with pilot standing, in front of Lancaster, E, parked on dispersal. All aircrew wearing flight suits. Some are wearing Mae Wests.

The nose of a Halifax bomber. It has a code 'S' on the undercarriage flap. There is nose art of a figure. The aircraft has chocks under the main wheels. On the reverse is 'Ronald Bailey'.

Eight airmen arranged in two rows in front of an aircraft. The letter S is visible on the landing gear. One airman is wearing a Mae West. On the reverse 'Ronald Bailey'.


A group of six airmen including Ronald Bailey. Four are standing, two seated. Behind is a brick building and a telegraph pole. One the reverse 'Ronald Bailey'.


A half length portrait of Ronald Bailey in uniform with a flight engineer's brevet. He is holding his cap. On the reverse 'Ronald Bailey'.

12 airmen arranged in two rows. Most are wearing gloves and greatcoats. Photograph taken inside building with visible metal roof girders. Three buckets in foreground.


Three airmen in tropical uniform sitting in front of a cage. One holding his ears, the middle with hands over his eyes and the third with his hands covering his mouth. On the reverse 'Three Wise Monkeys. Cliff. Me. Allan.' There are scribbles and…


Photograph 1 is of Ronald Bailey standing on a beach. He is dressed in a shirt, tie and flannels.
Photograph 2 is of Ronald Bailey standing with two men in bathing trunks.In the background is a fourth man looking on.
Photograph 3 is of two men in…

An airman in an astrodome.

An airman taking notes on a pad.

The cockpit of a Stirling viewed from slightly aft.

Six airmen sitting on top of a Lancaster cockpit with the pilot seated inside. Victor Azzaro is third from the left. Six airmen are wearing peaked caps and one a side cap. The nose art indicates at least 65 operations were completed.

Four airmen at the tail of a Wellington. A fifth airman is sitting at the entrance of the rear turret. The Wellington is coded 'ZO-H', HF464. The photograph is signed by J W Beale, W F Temlett and F Elliott. On the reverse 'Azzaro, 196 Squadron…

Five airmen, including Vic Azzaro, arranged round a card table. A sixth man is lying on the top bunk of bunk beds. Two men are smoking pipes. On the wall is a round object with a key hanging on a chain.

On the reverse 'Berlin Air Lift Vic Azzaro…

31 recruits arranged in four rows, in front of a large tree. On the reverse 'Vic joining RAF 1936, 2nd row standing 2nd from left'.

A mixed group comprising 17 airmen, three naval officers and one civilian. They are arranged in two rows in front of a single-storey wooden hut. On the reverse is '116 Sqn?'.

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A group of trainee airmen arranged in nine rows. The front row are the senior officers and trainers. The back rows are the trainees with training flashes in their caps. On the reverse are 14 signatures and '64867'.

Half-length portrait of Corporal Vic Azzaro, wearing a cap with a training flash. On the reverse is a photographer's mark '50981/349'.
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