Letter to Mrs JT Jones from 626 Squadron



Letter to Mrs JT Jones from 626 Squadron


The letter advises Mrs Jones that her husband is missing.






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[underlined] 626S/S.1402/68/P.1 [/underlined].

Royal Air Force Station,
WICKENBY, Lincoln.

19th February, 1945.

Dear Mrs Jones.

It was with deep regret that I had to send you this morning the telegram informing you that your husband, Sergeant John Jones was missing from air operations.

Your husband was flying as the Air Bomber in one of our aircraft which left Base last night on a mission against the enemy. Unfortunately, however, since the time of take-off we have had no news of the aircraft or its gallant crew. It sometimes happens in cases such as this that the crew manage to escape with their lives and are safe even, perhaps, as Prisoners of War. Let us hope that we shall soon receive some such good news of your husband.

It is desired to explain that the request in the telegram notifying you of the casualty to yout [sic] husband was included with the object of avoiding his chance of escape being prejudiced by undue publicity in case he was still at large. This is not to say that any news of him is available but is a precaution adopted in the case of all personnel reported missing.

All your husband's personal effects have been carefully collected and are being forwarded to the Royal Air Force Central Depository, Colnbrook, Slough, Bucks., and that Department will be communicating with you further on this subject.

Sergeant Jones took part in many operational missions while with this Squadron and always showed himself a keen member of aircrew in whom I, personally, had the utmost confidence. The loss of such a fine crew is indeed a great blow to my Squadron. On behalf of all Officers and men here I offer you our sincere sympathies during this anxious time.

Yours sincerely
Wing Commander, Commanding,
[underlined] NO. 626 SQUADRON. R.A.F. [/underlined]

[page break]

Mrs. J.T. Jones,
The Manse,
Knockhall Road,
[underlined] KENT. [/underlined]



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