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Flying log book for navigators, air bomber, air gunners & flight engineers for James Swaffield, navigator, Covering the period from 18 August 1943 to the end of his operations on 5 January 1945 (but logbook certified to 21 April 1945). Detailing…

Pilots flying log book two for Leslie Valentine, covering the period from October 1943 to 27 November 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and duties with 2nd Tactical Air Force communications flight. He was stationed at RAF Finmere,…

Number 168-25. Writes he is getting use to new camp and describes advantages (can go anywhere in large camp) and disadvantages (overcrowding and limited facilities). Has place to practise violin but have had no mail or parcels for 2 months. Writes…

From Marjorie Eccles stateing that her brother Warrant Officer Lucien Eccles was killed on 15 July 1944 was a great friend of Hedley Madgett and had spoken of him often. She had learned from another friends relation that Hedley had been missing since…

Map showing south east England and northern France with pencilled route from Lincoln area to Normandy. Annotated top right 'Op. No. 23, 30/7/44'. On the reverse 'Op 23, 30/7/44, Caumont'.

Details of navigator, date, orders, route and one and and a half pages of en-route navigation observations. Note on top right 'Op No 23'.

A navigation log prepared by Ted Neale.

List crews and aircraft for possible operations on 30 July 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Includes one standby crew and duty personnel

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 29/30 July 1944. Fourth member of most crews are underlined in blue. Third member an first of left and right crews respectively in bottom line are also underlined. Includes duty personnel.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night of 30/31 July 1944. Includes duty personnel.

Flying Log Book for Paul Wilson, pilot. Covers period from 22 October 1942 to 28 March 1946 including his training, operations, Transport Command and post-war civilian flying in Australia. He was based at RAF Lulsgate Bottom, RAF Babdown Farm, RAF…

The log book covers the training and operational career of bomb aimer Peter Bellingham from 10 March 1943 to 21 February 1946. After training in South Africa he flew Halifaxes and Stirlings with 138 Squadron, taking part in 30 night operations over…

Flying log book for Ronald Bailey, flight engineer, covering the period from 5 May 1944 to 26 October 1946. Detailing his flying training operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF Wombelton, RAF Tholthorpe, RAF Lissett, RAF…

Covers enlistment and early training in the Royal Australian Air Force. Continues with description of journey to England via the United States and training in England. Lists his crew formed during training. Joined 102 Squadron with Halifax Mk 3 on 12…
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