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Three colour postcards.
#1 a Halifax of 35 Squadron, in flight.
#2 Albany, Georgia - Pecan trees and a hunter with aircraft above.
#3 Lakeland, Florida. Orange trees, fishing and houses.

A card issued to Reg by his flying school.

Covers all postings in service including training in England and the United States and operations on 158 Squadron flying Halifax after which he was a pilot instructor.

Three airmen wearing khaki uniform sitting in a room with windows and curtains left and right. Submitted with caption 'mr ross house lakeland fl'.

On the left a woman wearing a dress and on the right a man wearing shirt and tie. Both sitting in a chair with window and curtains left and right. Submitted with caption 'mr and mrs ross flying instructor lakeland florida'.

An airman wearing khaki uniform sitting with his bare feet up on a table. In the background windows. Submitted with caption 'Lakeland Florida'.

Two airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps standing either side of a woman wearing blouse and skirt. In the background palm trees and railway wagons. Submitted with caption 'Ben Massey, Mrs Mathews, Don Cameron leaving Lakeland'.

Three airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps standing by a wall on the edge of a lake. Submitted with the caption 'Ben Massey, Don Cameron and Don May, Lakeland Fl'.

Two men wearing swimming trunks sitting on the railing of a wooden pier over a lake. Submitted with caption 'Ben Massey, Crystal Lake Fl'.

Four men, three wearing khaki uniform shirt and trousers and the fourth a white shirt and tie standing in line inside a room with door to the left and picture on wall behind. Submitted with caption 'At Instructors House Mr Ross, Lakeland Florida'.

A large group of trainees all wearing khaki uniform sitting and standing in four rows in front of a building. Submitted with caption 'Lodwich School of Aeronautics Course 43B 1942 4th row 4th from right Don Cameron'.


A man wearing vest writing with fountain pen. Another man behind partition on the right. Submitted with caption 'Don Cameron writing home Lakeland Fl. 1942'.

Three airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps standing by a wall with lake in background. Submitted with caption 'Ben Massey, Don Cameron and Don May Lakeland Fl 1942'.


Pilot’s flying log book, one, for Don Cameron, covering the period from 23 March 1942 to 22 January 1943. Detailing his flying training. He was stationed at RAF Booker, USAAF Lakeland, USAAF Cochran Field and USAAF Napier Field. Aircraft flown in…

Identity card with personal details and photograph.


Born in Manchester, Maurice was 20 years old when he joined up and volunteered for aircrew in 1940. He trained in South Africa, Canada (Moncton and Trenton), the Unites States (Lakeland), and was torpedoed in the Atlantic on his way back. Maurice…

Born on a farm in Shropshire, his best friend from his youth joined the Royal Air Force as aircrew and was killed at RAF Honington when a German aircraft bombed the station. A desire for revenge made him enlist for flying duties in January 1941. He…

This page is an entry point for a place. This heading is also used for: Lakeland School of Aeronautics; Lodwick School of Aeronautics. Please use the links below to see all relevant documents available in the Archive.

Herbert O'Hara's pilot log book from the Lincoln School of Aeronautics, Lakeland Florida, from 21 July 1941 to 12 December 1942. Aircraft flown were Stearman, Anson and Oxford. He was taught landings, take offs, spins and stalls.

Lambeth notebook with daily diary covering 25 to 30 June 1941 during journey from Iceland towards Canada on HMS Ranpura. Followed by account crossing from Greenock, Scotland to Iceland on ship Royal Ulsterman, stopover in Iceland, journey on HMS…
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