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The telegram advises that his son, Ron, has arrived back in the UK.
There is a second identical copy.

A newspaper article about Ron after he was shot down over France. A second cutting has a brief note about Ron returning home after being missing in France.
[The details in the article are incorrect. His aircraft was a Wellington, it was shot down on…

The letter expresses sadness that Ron is missing.
[only one page of the letter is present]

The letter expresses sorrow that their son is missing and stresses that they should not give up hope.

The letter expresses shock that Ron is missing. She feels he is safe and will come back.

The letter expresses sympathy that Ron is missing.
[The letter is incomplete, only the first page has been kept]

The letter expresses sadness on hearing that their son is missing.

The letter seeks news from Ron and his friend, who hid at their house and recalls several people. It expresses affection to them both while hoping to hear from him.

The author expresses sympathy over the disappearance of their son.

His letter expresses delight that Ron has arrived in London.

She has heard bad news about Ronald and hopes that good news will eventually arrive.

The events after Ronald was shot down on the morning of D-day.

Top: Arthur's basic training flight, posed in two ranks outside their civilian billets in Blackpool.
Bottom: Arthur with some of his fellow tradesmen in the Mobile Servicing Squadron somewhere in France, posed in three ranks on the steps to one of…

A montage sheet with an explanation and a postcard. The message on the postcard is printed. Arnold is in a group of cadets and is marked with a cross.

A copy of Arnold's birth certificate

Two photographs of Arnold and Catherine standing outside the church. Arnold is in uniform.

Arnold and Catherine's wedding photograph with Arthur, the best man, Nancy, Molly, George and Audrey. They are standing outside the church. Arnold is in uniform.

A view of the garages at the rear of the house, now separate from the house. A satellite photograph shows the garages and the flats that replaced the church.

Two colour photographs of the Christian family home in the 1920s, captioned 'This was the Christian family home in the 1920's and location of the family motor business. After Arnold joined the RAF and no longer played a part in the business his elder…

A biography of the Christian family written by Arnold's grandson. There appears to be a connection to France, perhaps to Italian and French royalty. Later research suggested a Swiss connection but after research the Italian and French links were…
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