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A comment from a broadsheet newspaper that was posted on a board at the camp. It includes a list of items supplied in a cardboard suitcase.

A list of the other six members of Reg's crew...Harvey, Laurie Underwood, Jack McArdle, Bill Ross, John Bushell and Alec McCarroll.

Reg writes that he has only had one letter and no recent news from home. The weather has not been good. He looks forward to going home.

Reg writes that he has no mail nor does he expect any. Weather is improving. He is reading a lot.

Reg writes that he is at his new camp. He asks his parents to sort out his money. His new camp is more comfortable. Many of the prisoners have been there four years.

Reg writes he has received six letters today. He is fed up and keen to get home.

Reg writes he has had no recent mail. The weather is grim. The theatre has closed and the school reopens in a week.

Reg wishes his family a Happy New Year. He reflects on his existence. They had a show and a dance. He says the Red Cross are more than wonderful.

Reg has received eight letters and two parcels with cigarettes, from the Ilford Guild and Unilevers. His grandfather has died.

Reg has received four letters from home. The last show he watched was 'wizard'.

Reg says that he thought he would be home by now. He is looking forward to camp Christmas but is not sure what to expect. He has been studying and is looking forward to the next show, a musical comedy written by POWs.

Reg has received several letters from home.

Reg has received a clothing parcel and two book parcels from Unilevers. He has seen another show. Asks his family to send thanks to the person who packed his parachute if they can trace them.

Reg has received four letters and 400 cigarettes from Unilevers, his former employer.

Reg has received another parcel and seven letters. He has seen a show.

Reg has received his first parcel. He is very happy with the 500 cigarettes. In the afternoon he received a second parcel with books.

Reg has received more mail. He has seen another show.

Reg has received several letters, total now 43. He has also received a parcel from home. He has seen three more plays and is attending classes.

Reg has received a further eight letters, in total 39. The weather is good. One small section has been obscured.

Reg has received another five letters. He is grateful for the photos that have been sent. He has seen another show.

Reg has received more letters from home. Weather is good and he is keeping fit. New show coming soon to their theatre.

Reg has received his 21st letter now. He is very grateful.

Reg has received one letter from his parents and one from May and Vera. He has been to another musical and a show. Studies and sport help pass the time.

Reg writes no mail from his family but another from the Herons. He has seen a new show.
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