Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg has received his first parcel. He is very happy with the 500 cigarettes. In the afternoon he received a second parcel with books.




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3rd October 1944

Dear Mum, Dad & Fmly, [sic]

Well I have some good news for you this week. Yesterday I received my first parcel, I must be fairly lucky here really, because I seem to be one of the first of the batch I arrived here with to have a parcel. It was 500 players cigarettes sent by you, I was not told the date of dispatch but I think it must be either June or July, all previous parcels probably are “still coming”. I must thank you very much indeed for this more than acceptable gift, at the present moment we have 25 a week from the Red Cross (half ration) but this is only a temporary measure. So you see they arrived very timely, my particular corner is now often blue with smoke. In the afternoon I received the 2nd parcel, it contained books, 5 in all, fiction, biography & travel. I believe Unilever’s must have sent them as there was no sender’s name, so will you please thank them for me. We’re now into October, time is certainly passing away, it will not be long before I have been absent a year, but who knows I may not be absent that long. Last news of you was in June, I wonder how you are now, OK I hope. I’m quite fit here & patient in mind. I’ve learnt a lot really, psychologically speaking. Here in camp you can look out on life as through a window and get a better sense of values & I don’t think I wasted my time. Our School is still out of action but I’m quite occupied here. I must close now – hope you still see Pat. Love, Reg


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