Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg writes that he is at his new camp. He asks his parents to sort out his money. His new camp is more comfortable. Many of the prisoners have been there four years.




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[underlined] 11th Feb. 1945 [/underlined]

Dear Mum, Dad, & Fmly, [sic] I have been at my new camp just a week now, I hope you have already received my card written on arrival here on Sunday last. Before I say any more I would like you to straighten out something for me, in connection with my accounts. Whilst at Stalag IVB I was not paid any money at all, this being an N.C.O’s camp, and in any case my commission was not recognised by the German Govt. until December last, therefore they would not have any authority to pay me. But I understand the Air Ministry may be deducting pay as from the time I was first taken P.O.W. As from this month onwards I will be receiving pay as a Pilot Officer until official confirmation of Flying Officer comes through. Will you write to Air Ministry and advise them of this, and probably my accounts can be adjusted accordingly. Now for some news of Oflag VIIB, it certainly is much better here, living conditions have improved 100 percent. Of course after Stalag IVB it seems much more quiet. What is good news is that I’ve enjoyed 1/2 Christmas Parcel this week, after not having any food parcels for a few weeks. There is not many of our fellows here at all, mostly Army officers whose Prisoner of War years are 4 times mine, I feel quite a baby beside them. They have been extremely generous with cigarettes and I’ve almost smoked myself to death. I’m messing with 2 Australian chaps at the moment, & they’ve done all the cooking this week in fact I’ve had quite a lazy time. The weather is still poor, though we’ve thawed out now, the scenery too is in complete contrast to the other camp, there it was very flat, it should be pretty in better weather. Well will you let everyone know of my change & Pat of course. Also tell Johnny Bushell’s Mother. Cheerio for now, always thinking of you, love, [underlined] Reg [/underlined]


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